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Comarch is a stable, experienced provider of innovative IT products for multiple industries, including telecommunications, banking, airlines, petrol stations, utilities.

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Loyalty Program ROI

Loyalty Program ROI: How to Measure Customer Loyalty?

Setting up a loyalty program is one thing, but making it beneficial is a different story. With all the cost and expertise that goes into creating one, how do you know whether your project is actually worth it? 

Techco Evolution: Transcending Traditional Telco Services

The telecommunications industry is evolving beyond its traditional role as a provider of communication services. This evolution marks the transition of telcos into techcos, which are entities that serve as comprehensive service aggregators.

How Will Generative AI Change in 2024?

As we venture into 2024, the telecommunications industry stands on the edge of a major transformation driven by the rapidly growing capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI). 

E-invoicing and E-transport in Romania

E-book: E-invoicing and E-transport in Romania

Find out how you can use current tax changes as an opportunity for invoicing automation

Comarch and Decavi Whitepaper

Insurance Trends in Europe

Comarch and Decavi whitepaper 2020

Can you predict which mutual funds will do better than others?

At Comarch, we’ve decided to build an algorithm to address that issue.

ESEF application

Annual statements with Comarch ESEF app

The obligation to prepare annual consolidated financial statements in the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF), will come into force soon...

New generation of mobile banking for business clients

New generation of mobile banking for business clients

The best mobile apps for business and where to find them

IT systems designed for your business

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