Fault Management

Fault Management: IT System for Managing Alarms in the Telecom Network

The ultimate requirement of today’s networks is to provide continuous availability for the performance of critical tasks required by businesses. However, network equipment, physical and virtualized, has become increasingly complex, leaving more room for failure. Efficiently handling failures and alarm management are essential for improving the overall system dependability. 

Based on modern, advanced technology, Comarch Fault Management (FM) is a complete product for ongoing fault issues within operators’ hybrid physical-virtual networks. This network fault monitoring in telecom controls all existing elements of the network and receives, displays and tracks alarms efficiently, allowing users to manage potentially debilitating network problems quickly and effectively. Its flexible and extensive range of features provides sophisticated automation and assists operators in detecting and solving issues that are at the root of network faults.

The Comarch Fault Management system is closely integrated with other products from the Comarch Integrated Assurance family, and supports unified event processing paths via a cutting-edge correlation engine and “single pane of glass” approach, which gives the operator rapid access to all relevant information (correlated alarms, related trouble tickets, outages, details of resources and locations, alarms from the same resource, alarms from the same location, historical alarms, know-how entries, planned works etc.) in one place. Comarch Fault Management for telecom can be extended with the Topological Correlations Module and Machine Learning Module to increase the alarm correlation rate and prediction capabilities.

Browsing tickets and alarms correlation in fault management by field staff directly is possible on a mobile device. The application, available for iOS and Android devices, gives access to information that helps with troubleshooting infrastructure.

While performing a corrective maintenance task, a technician can also use the Mobile App to review existing alarms related to the corresponding site and refer directly to the data from the Fault Management system.

Supporting TM Forum Open API

Comarch's full ODA-compliant portfolio currently has 12 APIs in accordance with Open API. The architecture of the systems and the company’s approach is already in line with Open Digital Architecture (ODA), and the organization remains motivated to continue with the certification. 

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Benefits of implementing Comarch Fault Management:

Introduce intelligent event processing

Manage services implemented on heterogeneous multi-vendor, multi-domain networks and delivery platforms serviced by partners.

Build an umbrella system to support efficient orchestration

Protect customers from experiencing service quality deterioration, using analytics and prediction features.

Support your SDN/NFV infrastructure

A comprehensive alarm management system is the key to efficient orchestration of the virtualized environment. The Comarch Fault Management in telecommunication network supports modern NFV interfaces so they get the current status of the network and steer other processes realized by E2E Orchestrator.  

Decrease NOC involvement in field processes

Secured and instant access to FM data from mobile devices decreases calls to NOC and improves the way of executing corrective maintenance tasks in the field. Technicians can self-assess their activities when on the site.

See Comarch Fault Management in Use. 
Read Customer References:

Arqiva logo
Arqiva (United Kingdom)

Support for development of next-generation smart metering services thanks to Comarch OSS & assurance products combined with Managed Services

LG U+  logo
LG U+ (South Korea)

Support in launch of the world’s first 5G network with the help of Comarch products from the Operations Support Systems and Intelligent Assurance & Analytics range

Vodafone logo
Vodafone Germany

Integrated Assurance & Analytics for mobile, fixed and cable networks & services in Vodafone Germany, including Vodafone Kabel Deutschland

NetWorkS! logo
NetWorkS! (Poland)

Support for Orange and T-Mobile infrastructure-sharing initiative in Poland – planning and optimization of the “golden grid” network

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Reduced Risk of Network Failures and Improved Service Quality for Customers with Comarch Fault Management:

"We are satisfied with how it went. Fast implementation of the systems critical to network monitoring was our priority, and Comarch managed  to meet all expectations. This was one of the factors that made the entire network maintenance insourcing process a complete success, as demonstrated by lower costs and, importantly, by improved indicators, including a lower rate of failures affecting clients, and faster incident response."

Marcin Palkowski, Director of Technology and Network Management
Netia S.A.

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