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Developments in the telecommunications industry landscape in recent years have forced network operators to rethink the way they design their ecosystems and approach their business in terms of telecom service assurance. The Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G have brought new opportunities and technological challenges in the field of intelligent assurance OSS, particularly as communication service providers (CSPs) juggle limited human resources, increasing demand for real-time analysis to guarantee low latency, pressure from competitors to automate and a need to optimize ecosystem silos that have become unwieldy, poorly integrated and rely on manual processes.

Comarch Integrated Assurance –
coherent service assurance in telecoms

Typical OSS environments grew over several years through acquisitions of new companies, the introduction of new technologies, and the evolution of organizational structure. This has very often resulted in a set of separated silos connected by inefficient manual processes. The high complexity of such environments is blocking automation which is a prerequisite for zero-touch network and service management. With the introduction of 5G and virtualization, now is the time to realize the holistic approach to OSS assurance. 

Comarch Next Generation Service Assurance (NGSA) has transformed traditional network-centric fault management into a telecom assurance solution, taking into account the resource, service and customer perspectives, and has started to break silos. It also paved the way for an even more comprehensive approach delivered by Comarch Integrated Assurance (IA), with embedded support for end to end assurance processes such as incident management, problem management and change management, as defined by ITIL®. Comarch telecom assurance is capable of managing digital services based on complex value chains, and of aggregating information from partners’ systems and converged networks, including IT infrastructure, and fixed, mobile and cable access domains.

Integrated OSS Assurance brings pro-activeness and significant reduction of mean time to repair (MTTR) due to automation enabled by close integration of traditionally stand-alone applications such as:

  • Fault management
  • Service problem management
  • Resource and service test management
  • Resource and service performance management
  • Service quality management
  • Service assurance control, as defined by TAM

The embedded utilization of service model and network topology is the key differentiator, enabling the system to take into account the different requirements that services may have of the underlying network, and to calculate and predict the customer service impact accurately. All products within Comarch IA support Open API, so you can easily tailor the system and fit it to your existing environment.

Benefits of Comarch Integrated Assurance

Implementing a product for automating network and service management will be profitable for your enterprise. Service assurance tools in telecoms can help with launching and improving innovative solutions. What can your company do with Comarch Integrated Assurance?

Take the first step towards zero-touch management

Utilize your comprehensive end to end assurance data to automate root-cause and impact analysis in a cross-domain manner.

Decrease costs of maintenance

Automate your business processes with efficient end to end event processing taking into account resource, service and customer perspectives.

Introduce the BizDevOps paradigm to your organization

Use the experience of your engineers in the most effective way to grow your telecommunications business.

Break the silos and move to cloud-native applications with open APIs

Implement the network and service convergence paradigm in your operational teams, and integrate Comarch product with your environment via open API, or enhance it with other Comarch systems (such as Comarch Field Workforce Management).

Tailor the system and fit our existing environment

All products within Comarch IA support Open API, so you can easily adjust your systems.

Comarch Intelligent Assurance & Analytics – 
redefining service assurance in telecoms

The growing complexity of communication network ecosystems, introduced by the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G, as well as scarce human resources and a need for real-time analysis guaranteeing low latency, are putting huge pressure on telecom network and service assurance systems. Manual processing of alarms, incidents and problems is no longer feasible. Human resources should focus on solving strategical and tactical issues by defining policies, and leave operational work to AIOps platforms, as defined by Gartner

Comarch Intelligent Assurance & Analytics (IA&A) has evolved from the Comarch Integrated Assurance product line, which is well-known and accepted by telecoms worldwide. Integrated Assurance has become intelligent OSS assurance by enhancing it with OSS/BSS Data Analytics performing big data analysis, an artificial intelligence module using machine learning algorithms to implement predictive maintenance, and knowledge accumulation for automated gathering of best practices in preventing and solving network and service incidents and problems. These extensions make our artificial intelligence assurance the best suite to realize the AIOps concept, which is revolutionizing telecom network and service assurance.

Comarch IA&A is part of the broader Comarch OSS, which supports end to end orchestration of hybrid physical and virtualized networks and is one of pillars of the broad Comarch strategy of embedding AI in its products.

Human as a Decision Maker (Strategy and Tactic) Operations for Machines

Human as a decision maker (strategy and tactic) operations for machines - IAA

Benefits of Comarch Intelligent Assurance & Analytics

Service assurance in telecoms is growing faster and faster. You need innovative solutions to stay up to date. What can you do with Comarch Intelligent Assurance and Analytics?

Introduce AIOps to your organization and be prepared for 5G

Intelligence is the key to the efficient utilization of the knowledge hidden in your organization. People work hand in hand with intelligent machines, providing the information required to perform the appropriate actions at the right time.

Break the silos

Artificial intelligence assurance provides a holistic approach to telecom assurance processes and breaks the traditional silos which are decreasing your operational efficiency.

Decrease mean time to repair

Intelligent root-cause and impact analysis decrease MTTR significantly, optimizing utilization of your valuable resources and improving customer satisfaction.

Introduce policy-based management

With unified configuration of all telecom assurance processes you are able to focus on defining strategies instead of performing repeatable operational tasks.

Comarch AI-powered Assurance – 
capacity of AI/ML in telecoms

Automation methods used to involve a lot of work to keep solutions up to date (for example, using methods based on predefined rules). Updating also required a high level of experience and expert knowledge. Introducing artificial intelligence (AI) to this process in telecom allows operators to achieve the same goals with a significantly lower human workload.

Comarch’s system, based on machine learning (ML) algorithms, consists of universal functional modules, which are used to build tailormade solutions for CSPs. This system allows proactive activities and offers a complementary set of ML-based functions designed to help you generate forecasts, analyze trends, correlate events, uncover and analyze root causes of problems, and deploy a recommendation engine. The result is a flexible and predictive maintenance environment powered by AI operating on the basis of constantly updated historical data stored in the system knowledge base.

Comarch AI-powered Assurance facilitates functions such as automated situation detection, automated baseline generation and anomaly detection, automated problem detection, and automated recommendations – for end to end problem identification, analysis and resolution.

Benefits of AI in Telecom - Comarch AI-powered Assurance:

Using AI driven systems is a great challenge for companies in the telecommunications industry, but when used properly, it can also bring many benefits. With the Comarch AI-powered Assurance you can:

Automate and improve knowledge acquisition, sharing and utilization

The system constantly gathers and updates data, analyzing and prioritizing every piece of information. The centralized repository means the most appropriate actions are always taken, and your organization takes ownership of knowledge which is always accessible to the relevant employees.

Reduce risks associated with tailored network improvements and modernization

The modular nature of Comarch product means the same AI/ML functionalities can be introduced multiple times across various domains, so you can build a customized system that supports your work in the assurance area.

Optimize the network, react faster, reduce costs and raise customer satisfaction levels

Comarch AI-powered Assurance gives a constantly updated, end to end view of the network, actions taken and their results. This results in dynamic optimization that responds to changes, demand and issues faster, reducing OPEX and ensuring significantly improved customer experience.

Future-proof your network for 5G and beyond

Built-in AI/ML algorithms and a dynamic knowledge base gives you the flexibility to monitor and optimize your network while ensuring you are ready to innovate and develop new use cases based on emerging technologies without increasing OPEX.

Comarch Intelligent Assurance & Analytics in Use. Read Customer References:

LG U+  logo
LG U+ (South Korea)

Support in launch of the world’s first 5G network with the help of Comarch products from the Operations Support Systems and Intelligent Assurance & Analytics range

Arqiva logo
Arqiva (United Kingdom)

Support for development of next-generation smart metering services thanks to Comarch OSS & assurance products combined with Managed Services

Vodafone logo
Vodafone Germany

Integrated Assurance & Analytics for mobile, fixed and cable networks & services in Vodafone Germany, including Vodafone Kabel Deutschland

Telefonica logo
Telefónica O2 Deutschland

Better control of network operations with transport network management & configuration, fault and performance mediation

T-Mobile logo
T-Mobile Poland

Full automation of fault management tasks, including correlation and handling trouble tickets

MWingz logo
MWingz (Belgium)

Assisting MWingz to become Belgium’s first shared network by providing an operating and managing system in the SaaS model.

Orange logo
Orange Poland

Optimization of field service management for a network covering more than 300 000 square kilometres and more than 20 million subscribers

Read case study

Supporting implementation and development of FTTH (Fiber to the Home) all over the country by delivering an OSS system

450connect logo
450connect (Germany)

Providing a customized BSS/OSS system to the company, with exclusive assignment of the 450MHz spectrum in Germany.

Optimizing Long-term Costs by Introducing Pervasive AI

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Comarch Intelligent Assurance & Analytics for Telecoms Consists Of:

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