Service Monitoring

Service Monitoring: An IT System for Monitoring Services in the Telecom Network

Comarch Service Monitoring system for telecoms lets you monitor services implemented over various network technologies and management domains. Events originating from different sources, such as fault management, service quality management and performance management are correlated and processed in Comarch Service Monitoring to perform impact analysis for the service. The results are presented graphically on a service tree to give the operator a rapid insight into the prevailing situation at any time.

Compared to other business service monitoring available on the market, the Comarch product is a part of the broader, pre-integrated Comarch Integrated Assurance family. When the Comarch Fault Management and Comarch Service Quality Management modules are integrated, using the same software platform, you will experience truly unified event processing supported by a “single pane of glass” approach with the same look and feel.

What can you achieve with telecom monitoring system:

Faster impact analysis based on flexible service models built using relations: required, optional, failover, weighted, N out of M, and mixed. Ability to meet operational needs even for the most difficult scenarios thanks to custom alarm propagation rules.

One-click navigation to root-cause alarms and to all alarms from the sub-tree under an object.

One-click navigation to additional relevant information (object-related trouble tickets, outages, and historical alarms) within one GUI window.

Automatic creation, update and closing of trouble tickets in third-party systems based on actual state of services.

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Benefits of Comarch Service Monitoring:

Monitor services implemented on any network

Easily monitor and manage the quality of your digital services delivered through complex value chains.

React swiftly with automated impact analysis and enhanced root-cause analysis

Resolve customer incidents more rapidly by automating impact analysis and improving root-cause analysis through drilling down into events that impact services.

Proactively prevent customer service degradation

Protect customers from experiencing service quality deterioration, thanks to trend analyses and prediction capabilities. Pre-integrate with Comarch SQM to introduce a quality of service (QoS) threshold alarm mechanism, which allows alerts to be raised early enough to prevent customer incidents.

Prioritize based on customer and business impact

Quality metrics consider how different services are implemented on the network, and their requirements regarding network performance. This is because the same network KPI may have a different impact on each service and, ultimately, on customer experience.

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LG U+ (South Korea)

Support in launch of the world’s first 5G network with the help of Comarch products from the Operations Support Systems and Intelligent Assurance & Analytics range

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Vodafone Germany

Integrated Assurance & Analytics for mobile, fixed and cable networks & services in Vodafone Germany, including Vodafone Kabel Deutschland

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