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Telecoms are at the dawn of the 5G era, facing yet another network revolution. With the ever-growing demand for bandwidth and the increasing number of mobile Internet users, it is likely that telecom networks will keep evolving. Maintaining this infrastructure has now become harder than ever before. Legacy networks, combined with 4G and 5G elements, have created a complex environment – and managing it is increasingly challenging for communication service providers (CSPs). The answer to this challenge is a high degree of automation, both in the networks themselves and in the way they are managed.

This means that operations support systems in telecommunications need to be adapted to the new requirements.

As an OSS provider, Comarch has been preparing for the 5G era for the last few years. This is why our Operations Support Systems today are able to manage hybrid networks (consisting of both legacy and new generation components), as well as virtualized infrastructure, software-defined networks and self-organizing networks. With one comprehensive OSS system that lets you manage all kinds of network domains and technologies, you can add new kinds of infrastructure gradually, as your business evolves. And with the high degree of automation that our OSS architecture offers, you will easily be able to handle the growing complexity of your telecom infrastructure.

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