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The use of digital technologies for medical services helps to satisfy the growing needs of patients who expect very quick access to the doctor of their choice. Mobile healthcare also brings many conveniences to patients who require long-term care, particularly the elderly or chronically ill. Such solutions, permitting real-time health monitoring and automatic data transmission to healthcare centers, will greatly facilitate the work of medical staff and will contribute to patients’ compliance with their doctors’ instructions.

m-Health solutions

Comarch Life Card

Electronic record of patient’s emergency data, to be provided automatically to medical staff in an emergency.

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Comarch PMA

Certified ECG recording device with telemedicine function that permits patient geolocation and Holter ECG for longer periods.

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CTG device

Telemedical cardiotocography performed at home.

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Comarch CardioVest

Non-invasive monitoring for early detection of silent atrial fibrillation (AF) detection.

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Comarch WristBand

Furnished with Life Button alarm that connects to the Remote Medical Care Center to call for help.

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Comarch Holter

Telemedicine system for precise recording and analysis of cardiological data.

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Comarch e-Care Platform

Certified telemedicine platform for continuous and remote monitoring of patients’ health.

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mhealth for telco

Benefits for telecommunications operators implementing m-Health solutions

  • Extending the service portfolio.
  • Cooperation with new suppliers in respect to service distributions. 
  • Greater exposure in brand and services. 
  • Increased number of active SIM cards.

Examples of use

mhealth devices


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