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We are an international company with many years of experience. We provide IT solutions for the medical sector, tailored to your needs. Our product portfolio includes telemedicine information systems, healthcare management software, remote medical care, mobile medical applications and your own medical and perimedical products. We offer integrated solutions that enhance the quality of medical services, streamline administrative processes, and effectively support patients, their families and medical staff.

We have our own R&D center where we design, test and produce new technology solutions. Then we put them into practice in IMed24 Medical Centre, while gaining valuable experience and practical knowledge.

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Remote Medical Care

In our offer, you will find a specialized solution in the field of remote senior care. It’s the Comarch Life WristBand thanks to which the patient can use telecare around the clock. Your health can be monitored in three ways: by the family (using the mobile app), by the local medical unit (via the Comarch e-Care platform), or by the Comarch Telecare Centre.

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Remote senior care

As part of remote internist care, we provide a certified Comarch HomeHealth product that facilitates remote monitoring of the health of chronically ill people and patients after hospitalization. The solution consists of an IT system integrated into measuring devices. The study results are automatically analyzed and monitored by healthcare professionals.

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To provide personalized proactive services, we offer diagnostic points, available in two variants - on-site and mobile. The solution is based on IT systems that are integrated with measurement devices, from which the results are sent directly to the telemedicine platform and made available to clinicians.

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We offer an ecosystem of solutions for remote diagnostics and cardiac monitoring, which consists of the CMAP platform, CardioNow and CardioVest devices, and dedicated software. Enables long-term, comprehensive cardiac diagnosis while maintaining patient comfort and optimizing the workflow of healthcare professionals.

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Cardiac care

Comarch HomeHealth kit with spirometer or pulse oximeter for self-testing. The solution can be extended with dedicated forms including questions about well-being, shortness of breath, and other breathing problems.

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Pulmonary care

Comarch HomeHealth set with a glucometer and scale for independent home control. To make it easier for diabetic patients to monitor their health, the HomeHealth app can be equipped with additional forms.

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Opieka diabetologiczna



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