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We manufacture medical and perimedical devices. They are produced at our R&D Centre, at the main headquarters in Krakow. These solutions are suitable for both small and large facilities as well as for patients.

Thanks to advanced, continuously developed technologies, we manufacture medical and perimedical products that meet the current needs of the market. We are constantly gaining new competencies to help every product serve you even better. In our activities, we focus on patient safety and comfort.

Comarch Life WristBand

Safety and quality of life with the longest possible autonomy are the most important aspects of care for older people and people with chronic conditions. Comarch Life WristBand is a telecare device that allows the patient to be monitored on a day-to-day basis, by his or her guardian or by medical personnel. Intuitive and easy to use, it allows for easy operation of the device for the elderly, non-independent and chronically ill patients.

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Comarch CardioVest

Comarch CardioVest is a solution for patient prevention, diagnosis and cardiac control. The device provides high quality ECG and automatic signal analysis to respond to a patient in cardiac conditions. Long-term study with the vest is safe and reliable, and the use of textile electrodes adds to the patient’s comfort.

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Comarch CardioNow

The Comarch CardioNow device is a Holter type ECG recorder designed for surface recording of electrical activity of the heart muscle (ECG) in the home environment. It is a telemedicine device that allows you to take care of your patient remotely. It is intended for use by persons with cardiac conditions and in the prevention of heart disease.

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