Life WristBand "Comarch WristBand"

Immediate contact with assigned telephone numbers, heartbeat monitoring and user location are some of the possibilities offered by the Comarch WristBand. The wristband is an element of the services designed for individual and business customers with different business profiles: medical and care facilities, local governments and manufacturing companies.

Comarch WristBand is a digital caregiver that is always at hand. The telecare service is intended mainly for the elderly, dependent, and chronically ill - enabling immediate contact with paramedics from the Comarch Remote Medical Care Center (iMed24). 

 Life WristBand "Comarch WristBand"

Intervention of paramedics


The range of possible interventions by paramedics is extremely wide. They include both informational and psychological support and responses to situations where the life or health of the wearer is in danger. The iMed24 - Comarch Medical Care Center - provides the telecare service. Paramedics are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year, which enables an immediate response in the event of a patient's discomfort or life-threatening situations. It is undoubtedly great support for caregivers of the elderly, who have peace of mind knowing that those they care for are constantly monitored by the Comarch Monitoring Center.

Benefits for the patient and their relatives

As part of Remote Senior Care, the patient receives

Possible models of operation of the care service


    1. Comarch WristBand + CareMate Application

    You can monitor your close one using the Comarch CareMate application. How does the telecare system work? It's simple. You get information about the person wearing the monitoring band. Thanks to our solution you are able to contact them immediately and provide the necessary help.

    2. Comarch WristBand + CareMate Application + Comarch Monitoring Center

    The telecare service provided by professional medical staff constitutes added value to the above solution. As a result, your close one can contact the Comarch Remote Medical Care Center at any time of the day or night, and you get additional information about the interventions undertaken by paramedics.


    3. Comarch WristBand + CareMate Application + e-Care Platform

    If you run or plan to run your own Remote Medical Care Center, we offer you access to the Comarch e-Care Platform used by our paramedics. It will allow you to expand the portfolio of services offered to your patients.


Functionalities of the solution


Patients of medical and care facilities
Local governments
Managers of medical and care facilities
Manufacturing companies
Insurance companies
Telecommunications companies

Comarch WristBand - implementation in related projects

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