Remote Medical Care

Remote Medical Care is a form of telemedicine service, which allows constant monitoring of a patient’s condition and the performance of preventive and control check-ups outside the hospital environment. This form of care is made possible by the use of portable medical devices recording specific vital signs. Test results are automatically transmitted to the Remote Medical Care Center, where they are analyzed. If any irregularities are found, medical staff connect the patient remotely with their doctor or a specialist, and in the event of a health emergency or life risk, call an ambulance. Remote Medical Care services support diagnostics, complement therapies and impact the effectiveness of treatment and the patient’s feeling of safety by ensuring permanent contact with specialists. They are complementary to the provision of primary care, have proven medical value, and support patient-doctor communication, especially during the medical interview.


Remote Medical Care is widely used in the health market, as the solution works in independent medical centres, nursing homes and private specialist clinics. It can also be adopted in transformational projects undertaken to develop or modernize medical infrastructure in hospital groups or regional platforms.

Hospitals and Medical Centres

Nursing Homes

Private Specialist Clinics

Regional Platforms


Benefits for the medical unit

  • Shortening the length of hospitalization and reducing the use of hospital beds.
  • Taking a load off medical staff.
  • Increasing patient adherence to medical recommendations.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Convenient access to patient’s medical data.
  • Improvement of image and boost of institutional reputation.


Benefits for the patient

  • Reducing waiting time for admission into hospital and shortening hospital stay.
  • The possibility of continued treatment in a home environment.
  • Increased sense of safety through easier and faster contact with the medical staff.
  • Shortened response time to life and health threats.
  • Improving effectiveness of time-limited therapy.
  • Easier and safer access to patients’ own medical data.

Examples of use

The technology systems that underlie Remote Medical Care are flexible and scalable. As such, they may be arbitrarily shaped, depending on customers’ needs both in terms of application and implementation, by modifying existing solutions and by adding new medical equipment, devices, procedures and processes to the platform.

Remote Medical Center

Solution dedicated to all types of medical facilities that enables offering of medical services remotely. It does not replace traditional healthcare, but is complementary to it, providing an extended range of services without the need for employing additional medical staff, including:

  • Teleconsultations
  • Teleconferences
  • Monitoring Center
  • Safe contact mailbox
  • e-Registration  
  • Remote issuing of prescriptions and referrals
  • Remote issuing of prescriptions and referrals
  • Remote evaluation of laboratory and radiological tests by remote
  • Control whether the patients follow medical guidelines
  • Permanent and quick access to medical documentation
  • Health Log
  • Customized knowledge base for patients

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Cooperation Models



Comarch e-Care Platform

The provision of Remote Medical Care services is possible thanks to the Comarch e-Care Platform, which allows permanent remote monitoring of the patient’s health. The platform can receive and process medical data and data from measurement devices controlling specific vital signs. It also supports medical staff in the performance of pre-determined procedures.

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Medical units are increasingly implementing telemedicine. Solutions enriched with ehealth functions used in obstetrics, cardiology and long-term senior care are growing in popularity. But why the increased interest in technology allowing remote medical services?

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“The entire Comarch e-Care platform, both in terms of hardware and programming was created by one company, which guarantees compatibility of all elements and easy customization.”


Bartosz Pampuch, Vice-President of the Board, Comarch Healthcare 

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