Comarch CardioVest

How it works?

Comarch CardioVest is a solution used to perform preventive examinations, diagnostics and supervision of adult patients with cardiological disorders. The innovative technology records and transfers ECG data to the telemedicine platform. The implemented algorithm interprets the data and conducts advanced analysis of ECG signals, automatically detecting crucial disorders and deviations from standard. The solution makes it possible to shorten long-term ECG monitoring analysis significantly, and to verify the recording fully, without manual signal processing.

The simple modular structure and wireless data transmission of the CardioVest system enable ECG reading and analysis after every 24 hours of the examination. The system consists of two independent recorders carried interchangeably, changed every 24 hours. The first recorder is installed on a vest, while the other one, concurrently, fully automatically, and without engaging the patient, sends the records of the completed part of the examination. This means there is no need to wait until an examination ends to obtain the results, enabling earlier reaction to cardiac rhythm disturbances.




Elements of the CardioVest system

An ECG Vest

ECG Vest

  • allows recording of ECG signal
  • comfortable carrying (light, body-fit)
  • biocompatible, non-allergic materials
  • special material electrodes ensure highrecording quality

NoMED-AF Dock Transmission Device

Dock Transmission Station

  • station transmitting data from the Recorder tothe Remote Care Center
  • maintenance-free
  • wide range of communication capabilities with Monitoring Center (3G, WiFi, LAN)

Recording Device for NoMED-AF Sensor Vest

Sensor Recorders

A set consisting of two independent recorders of different colors.

  • battery life longer than 24h
  • self-operating
  • wireless
  • small in size
  • minimum weight
  • Communication LEDs


Comarch Medical Analysis Platform

Algorithms used to save time and personnel resources. Detection of, among other things:

  • Tachycardia
  • Bradycardia
  • Pause
  • Atrial fibrillation


Who is this device for?


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