Telemedicine – open up to patients

The latest form of medical service overcomes barriers to place and time.

Our portfolio offers a range of solutions to help you reach patients, share information and medical data in a secure way, wherever you are.


A platform that allows healthcare facilities and doctors to reach thousands of patients on-line. It provides good visibility to the network and also facilitates communication with the patient and management of the doctor’s office. Integrating with MojeZdrowie24 app, it streamlines the workflow of medical records between the physician and the patient, both during an on-line and on-site visit. Targeted packages provide access to the doctor’s office system - medNote, or HIS Class System - Optimed NXT.

Comarch Medical Concierge

The comprehensive Patient Portal, which provides an additional route to contact a physician outside of the physician’s office. The solution provides an option of an on-line consultation on worrying symptoms or results – whether in a form of a chat, video or audio consultation, from anywhere with internet access. Register on-line for on-site visits and remote consultations, retrieve study results, and review physician prescription details.
Provides the opportunity to complete the Health Survey provided by your facility prior to consulting your physician.

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Comarch e-Consultant

Virtual Customer Support. An intuitive system that allows you to give service to your customers remotely – at bank, at office or at administration unit. With easy registration for e-visits, customers can do a lot of things without leaving their home, solving the problem of heavy traffic and queues. Comarch e-consult provides a secure connection to protect sensitive data, a clear panel of the customer and admin, and identity verification during a conversation.

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