Comarch Concierge

Comarch Concierge

This solution facilitates communication between the patient and the doctor outside of the doctor’s surgery. With this portal, medical staff have access to complete data concerning the patient’s state of health and can  monitor the treatment process remotely. The system allows some activities to be performed online, which shortens waiting times at medical facilities. Medical Concierge brings benefits for patients, as well as for medical staff.

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System advantages

24hr patient care

The patient’s portal is like a virtual clinic, accessible via a web browser or mobile application. It offers contact with the doctor, and consultations online

Reduction in staff workload

Patients make appointments directly on the portal. They fill in the required documents, check their medical documents, and may also fill in their health diary

Integration of solutions

The portal integrates the existing systems of medical centers, providing a standardized and intuitive access interface

Greater marketing opportunities

Profiling of patients and creating marketing campaigns based on real data allows offers and services to be more effectively adjusted to their needs

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Benefits for patients

  • remote registration for visits
  • enables filling in all necessary documents before the visit – shortening time spent waiting to be seen by the doctor
  • access to test results and recommendations from previous visits
  • possibility to order prescriptions remotely
  • opportunity to ask questions about test results remotely
  • medical questionnaires
  • health diary 
  • consultations and advice provided online (chat, audio, video)
  • extensive, reliable databank of medical knowledge
  • personalized advice, based on the patient’s record of health and illness
  • secure contact mailbox for communication with the doctor

Areas of use

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