Telemedicine Solutions for Seniors

Remote Care for Seniors allows constant monitoring of a patient’s principal life parameters by paramedics, and consultations about their state of health and well-being in their advanced years, with treatment provided by a general practitioner, physiotherapist, dietitian, psychologist or other medical specialist. Examinations can be performed by the patients themselves but also by their caregiver or medical staff, at home (for a single patient), in a nursing home, or at a center catering many patients (services dedicated to groups of examined patients). Based on telemetric results, the assigned doctor can contact the patient, order a home visit, or call the emergency ambulance service.

telemedicine for seniors

Benefits for patients

  • Improving the quality of life of seniors
  • Increased sense of safety through easier and faster contact with medical staff
  • Shortened response time to life and health threats
  • Improving effectiveness of therapy correlated with its duration
  • Reminding patients to take medicines and measurements
  • Possibility to monitor life parameters at home

telemedicine medical units

Benefits for the medical unit

  • Individual development of treatment plans correlated with the current assessment of health status
  • Increasing effectiveness of preventive healthcare, diagnostics, and therapy
  • Reducing the number of clinic visits due to implementation of remote treatment
  • Reducing costs of medical care for seniors
  • Improvement of an institution’s image and boost for its reputation


Comarch e-Care Platform

Remote Care for Seniors can be provided owing to the Comarch e-Care platform, which allows constant remote monitoring of a patient’s health status. The platform enables medical data to be recived and processed from measuring devices which monitor specific life parameters and the condition of a patient. It also supports medical staff in the performance of pre-determined procedures.

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telemedicine platform

ehealth system for seniors

e-Care application with web interface

Allows connection of telemedicine equipment, receiving and managing data, graphic visualization of data consistent with medical standards, integration with HIS class systems, geographical location of patients, managing work and procedures of intervention personnel, contact with patients through audio and video channels and performing medical consultations in a workflow system.

life bracelet

Comarch LifeWristband 

Increases the feeling of security among patients and gives them greater independence. It has an emergency SOS button which permits the patients to contact the Remote Medical Care Center and to call for help. The sensor placed in the bracelet automatically detects a fall and makes an emergency call to the Remote Medical Care Center. Owing to the built-in Life Card, medical staff can read the current emergency data of the patient, such as: personal particulars, age, blood group, allergies, diagnosed diseases, prescribed medicines, and next of kin contact details.

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“The change in health needs resulting from a progressively ageing society makes it necessary to ensure the provision of integrated care and health services addressing patients in their advanced years. Carrying out remote consultations promotes the maintenance of the high quality of life of seniors, whilst teleinformation technology permits better organized care of and increase effectiveness of diagnostics and therapy. ”

Bartosz Pampuch, Vice-President of the Board, Comarch Healthcare 

Cooperation Models


Quality Management System ISO 13485

Comarch Healthcare S.A. has an implemented and certified quality management system ISO 13485 for medical devices. Both the HMA device and the Comarch e-Care platform are medical devices (class I and IIa, respectively) certified for compliance with Directive 93/42/EEC.

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