Bracelet of Life

Life Bracelet

The Life Bracelet is an element of the care system that increases patients’ security and gives them greater independence. It never needs to be removed, it is waterproof, and the battery lasts for two years. It has an SOS Life Button which enables the patient to contact the Center for Remote Medical Care and request help. The sensor in the bracelet detects loss of consciousness and falls, and automatically alerts the Center for Remote Medical Care in the event of either. The built-in Health Card allows medical staff to read, on a smartphone or tablet, the patient’s principal medical data (synchronization with EHR), such as personal data, age, blood group, allergies, diagnosed illnesses, prescribed medications, and contact details for the next of kin.



  • Immediate medical intervention
  • Automatic notification of the Center for Remote Medical Care in the case of pre-defined hazards (built-in fall sensors) 
  • Convenient and simple operation – the Bracelet of ife is always on the patient’s wrist
  • The Bracelet of Life does not require recharging and it is resistant to external factors, including water 
  • Patient's medical data is built in (Health Card)



Patients with cardiological and neurological problems

Patients with disturbed balance and motor activity

Seniors, patients at risk of loss of consciousness

Example of the Life Bracelet in use:


Bracelet of Life

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