Comarch HomeHealth 2.0

Comarch HomeHealth 2.0 is an application for a tablet or phone with integrated measuring devices that allows remote care of the patient outside the medical facility. It is intended for individual patients suffering from chronic illness or after hospital treatment, and for nursing homes or community nurses. The set of appropriate equipment can be modified according to the patient’s needs, such as for pulmonary patients or patients diagnosed with diabetes.

Comarch HomeHealth 2.0 components

Application available on tablet or smartphone

The application guides the user step by step through all the measurements, reminds the patient to perform them, and sends the results to the Comarch e-Care 2.0 telemedicine platform where they are automatically analyzed by the system and then reviewed by the medical personnel. The measurement history is also stored in the application so that the patient, the caregivers, and the physicians can access it. The application is very friendly and intuitive, designed among others for seniors. With its support, patients easily take measurements correctly by themselves.

Spirometer / peak flow meter

Scale with a body composition analyzer

ECG event recorder
Rejestrator event EKG

Blood pressure meter


Pulse oximeter

Why Comarch HomeHealth 2.0?

Check out packages dedicated to patients diagnosed with diabetes or respiratory diseases.

Diabetology     Pulmonology

For whom?

Who can offer remote monitoring of patients?

  • Medical facilities
  • Nursing homes and care centers
  • Doctors and community nurses
  • Sanatoriums

Who can use Comarch HomeHealth 2.0?

  • Patients after hospitalization, treatments or surgery
  • Patients undergoing rehabilitation, e.g. cardiology
  • The elderly
  • Chronically ill people
  • Oncological patients
  • People in the process of diagnosis

    Comarch S.A. has implemented and certified quality management system for medical devices ISO 13485. Comarch HomeHealth 2.0 and the Comarch e-Care 2.0 platform are medical devices certified for compliance with EU Regulation 2017/745 (MDR).

    Comarch HomeHealth 2.0 Features

    Telemonitoring with Comarch HomeHealth 2.0

    1. Medical order

    The doctor orders remote patient monitoring, adjusts the course of the monitoring and treatment, and personalizes measurement thresholds.

    2. Home telemonitoring

    The patient performs measurements and the results are sent to the application. They are automatically analyzed in the Comarch e-Care 2.0 platform and monitored by medical staff.

    3. Summary and recommendations

    After the monitoring period, the patient has access to historical data in the HomeHealth application.

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