What makes Optimed NXT Cloud special?

Access for 15 simultaneously logged-in users
Monthly subscription charges
Secure cloud data storage
Integration with selected systems (Znany Lekarz, PZU, Compensa)
Access from a web browser
Rapid and convenient system deployment

The benefits of NXT Cloud deployment


High security standards and automatic recording ensure robust data protection.


The system complies with the latest data exchange standards such as HL7CDA, IHE profiles (XDS.b, XCA), and IHE architecture and recommendations.


Ongoing compliance with applicable legal requirements.


System deployment is simple and quick, and is highly intuitive.

Cost savings

No additional hardware costs. Subscription price is closely related to each customer’s needs.


Commercial and full settlement with two-way communication from National Healhcare.

Basic subscription version

Doctor’s office

View patient data and plan, create medical records, issue e-prescriptions (access to Pharmindex), generate electronic sick leave documents and  e-referrals, and report medical events.


Create graphics and fully support patient registration, including appointment billing.


Manage critical site areas and user accounts, define custom packages, pricing, consultation types, and access to data analysis.


Medical records management and exchange with other entities according to all interoperability guidelines and standards.


Pharmindex, integration with fiscal printer and access to Klinika24 platform for PLN 1!

Add-ons to your subscription

As an add-on to extend your access service, we offer:

  • Treatment room/lab
  • Scanning documents directly to the system
  • Communication package (without SMS gateway)
  • Integrations with laboratory, PZU, Compensa, Znany Lekarz
  • EDM P1 is extended with 2GB more

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