E-health Talks: From Idea to Implementation. An Interview with Alicja Mencfel, Product Manager for Comarch HomeHealth 2.0

What features does the certified medical device Comarch HomeHealth 2.0 have, and how does it fit into remote healthcare? What is the process of product development like, and how does the product manager approach this process? We answer these and many other questions in the latest interview from the e-health Talks series. 

In a conversation with Alicja Mencfel, product manager responsible for the certified medical device Comarch HomeHealth 2.0, Justyna Kupaj, product marketing manager, delves into the essential aspects. The interview, including key points in video format, is available on our YouTube channel – and the full transcript of the conversation is below. You will learn about Comarch HomeHealth 2.0, plans for product development, and Alicja's role.

Justyna Kupaj: Could you tell us in a few sentences about the product?

Alicja Mencfel: The product I have the pleasure of developing is the Comarch HomeHealth 2.0 application. It is available in two modes: multi-user, for medical staff such as nurses, and single-user, for patients. In both cases, the application aims to support prevention, diagnostics, and, above all, monitoring of patients regarding various health issues and diseases.

JK: Where did the idea for this product come from? Can you reveal a bit about its origin?

AM: The application stems from a project created in response to real market needs. This approach is still relevant, meaning that no functionality is redundant. The application is developed to provide value to both patients and healthcare professionals.

JK: What are the main goals of Comarch HomeHealth 2.0?

AM: The application is part of remote healthcare, emphasizing the role of the telemedical platform Comarch e-Care 2.0, with which the application communicates. It aims to deliver personalized medical services for the patient. This personalization is possible thanks to the Comarch e-Care 2.0 platform, where service configuration and adaptation to specific patient groups occur.

JK: How does the examination process work? What benefits do medical staff get from such a solution?

AM: Using the application, the patient performs various activities and examinations, and their data can be transmitted to the platform and analyzed, providing medical staff with information about the current health status of the patient. Medical personnel can also take appropriate actions immediately, such as in the case of adverse events or abnormal test results, eliminating the need to wait for the next doctor's visit.

JK: What are the main functions and capabilities of the application and integrated devices that enable remote healthcare?

AM: The application is integrated with measurement devices such as a spirometer, glucometer, blood pressure monitor, etc., available to the patient. Using these devices, the patient conducts examinations, and the results are automatically sent to the application. The application reminds patients to undergo examinations and also supports pharmacotherapy by reminding them to take medications and informing them of their doses. Patients can fill out medical questionnaires, submit medical documents such as lab results, and engage in video consultations.

JK: How do you acquire knowledge to tailor the product to the specific needs and requirements of patients?

AM: As a product manager, I collaborate with many stakeholders. The application is developed in close cooperation with medical personnel – doctors, paramedics, and nurses. We draw from the experience of our Medical Center iMed24, but not only. The application is available globally, so an international approach is also a valuable contribution to product development. Additionally, there are trade shows, international conferences, and analysis. All these elements define the direction of product development to deliver value to the patient and alleviate the burden on medical staff.

JK: Let's briefly touch on your role in the team. What do you like most about working as a product manager?

AM: I really enjoy the dynamics of working in a product team. It brings together individuals who are experts in various areas, and the combination of these competencies and knowledge allows efficient product development and refinement. It also provides a sense of growth and satisfaction from successful collaboration.

JK: What advice would you give to people who want to start working in a similar position?

AM: Working as a product manager is undoubtedly a continuous process of development and acquiring skills, given the rapid pace of technological advancement. Training will be useful, but deepening knowledge in the field in which you want to start your product development journey is crucial.

JK: Thank you, Alicja, for the interview.


Alicja Mencfel

Alicja is a graduate of the Tadeusz Kościuszko Cracow University of Technology in Biomedical Engineering, and winner of the Biomimetic Surfaces "Biosurfing" competition organized by the Academic Center for Materials and Nanotechnology at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. Associated with the e-health sector at Comarch since 2019, initially as a business solutions consultant, and then as a business development manager. Currently works as a product manager.


Comarch HomeHealth 2.0 is a certified medical device in conformity with EU Regulation 2017/745 (MDR). Please adhere to the provided user manual and follow the instructions on the label.

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