E-health Talks: From Concept to Execution. An Interview with Dominika Dusza, Product Manager for Comarch Diagnostic Point

Wondering about Comarch Diagnostic Point? Curious about its components and plans for growth? Interested in the daily life of a product manager handling telemedicine products? Find answers to these questions and more in our interview as part of the e-Health Talks project, where we share the latest in telemedicine with our audience.

Dominika Dusza, Product Manager for Comarch Diagnostic Point, engaged in a conversation with Justyna Kupaj, Product Marketing Manager. For a short version of the interview, head to our YouTube channel (available in Polish only at the moment). Then, dive into the full discussion to explore Comarch Diagnostic Point, its evolution, the product manager role, and Dominika's insights.

Justyna Kupaj: Let's start by understanding what Comarch Diagnostic Point is all about.

Dominika Dusza: Diagnostic Point is a telemedicine solution aimed at enhancing access to preventive examinations of basic life parameters. It offers patients a mobile application on a tablet, seamlessly integrated with external devices for conducting essential life parameter tests.

JK: Can you elaborate on the examination process?

DD: It's straightforward, and I believe anyone can manage it. The application guides the patient through the entire examination process, eliminating any chances of confusion. It collects results from measuring devices and transmits them to the Comarch e-Care 2.0 telemedicine platform, a certified medical device. Doctors and medical staff access the platform to evaluate the results, and a report with interpretations is sent to the patient via email.

JK: What tests can be carried out with Diagnostic Poin, and what measuring devices are included in the remote examination kit?

DD: Diagnostic Point comes in two versions. The first allows patients to perform basic tests independently, including a blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, thermometer, body composition analyzer, and a 1-lead ECG. The second set offers a broader range, including a dermatoscope, otoscope, stethoscope, and glucometer, with medical personnel assistance recommended.

JK: Where will Diagnostic Point apply the most?

DD: It's a versatile solution applicable not only in various medical facilities but also in public spaces such as offices, gyms, airports and train stations. Employers can leverage it to increase access to preventive examinations for their employees.

JK: What are the development plans for your product? Can you share the next steps for an even higher-quality product?

DD: We plan to integrate new measuring devices, expanding Diagnostic Point's examination portfolio.

JK: Can you reveal the upcoming devices?

DD: We're planning to integrate a spirometer and a new 12-lead ECG.

JK: Telemedicine's rapid development is undeniable. How do you keep up to date while ensuring your product remains competitive?

DD: As a product manager, constant competition and market analysis are vital. We collect feedback from customers, collaborate with our sales and consulting teams, and participate in trade shows and conferences in order to gain valuable insights.

JK: What do you enjoy most about your job, and what could be improved?

DD: I love the dynamic environment and the opportunity to collaborate with diverse teams, fostering constant learning. Gathering feedback and innovative ideas for product development from different perspectives is a highlight. As for improvements, fewer meetings would be appreciated, although these are often unavoidable.

JK: What qualities should a good product manager possess in your opinion?

DD: Multitasking is crucial. Effective cross-team communication, time management, and prioritization skills are key. Additionally, creative thinking, strategic planning, analytical skills, and openness to feedback are valuable.

JK: How do you find working with your team?

DD: Collaboration extends across various teams – production, development, sales, consultants, marketing, and legal. The communication is excellent, with regular updates. I'm delighted to work with such fantastic people.

JK: After shutting down the computer, what helps you reset? Any hobbies you enjoy?

DD: I focus on active time, enjoying travel and outdoor activities. Cycling after work and a year of pole-dance training provide joy, satisfaction, and a positive energy boost after a challenging day.

JK: Thank you for the interview, and best of luck.


Dominika Dusza

Dominika is a graduate of the University of Economics in Kraków (Economics) and the Jagiellonian University in Kraków (Public Health). A scholarship recipient in the Leaders in Health Protection program of the Lesław A. Paga Foundation, Dominika leads a team that secured first place for their solution in the case study "Green Hospital – Necessity or Fancy?". With experience from institutions such as the Jagiellonian University, Lazarski University in Warsaw, and Pekao Direct, she has been associated with Comarch's e-Health sector since 2022 – initially as a business development manager and currently as a product manager.

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