Technology to support nursing staff and serve patients: Malvestio and Comarch present the Ermes Care System

The result of the collaboration between the leading company in hospital innovation and the software house, Ermes Care System is a system composed of a hospital bed and an integrated software, which allows nurses to monitor non-invasive parameters of patients in their ward and to intervene promptly when necessary.

Milan, Italy - Malvestio, an important player in the market of hospital beds, in collaboration with Comarch, a leading software house in the sector, is excited to present Ermes Care System. Featuring a state-of-the-art hospital bed and sophisticated integrated software, the Ermes Care System is a new standard in healthcare, offering non-invasive patient monitoring and advanced hospital management.

The bed has built-in sensors that transmit real-time information to a central gateway, which sends data to the cloud. Through web and mobile apps, caregivers can access an intuitive dashboard that integrates with electronic patient records to monitor patient status and receive a range of alerts, ensuring personalized and timely care.

Ermes Care System is an innovative solution to address the critical challenges in the healthcare sector:

  • Shortage of nursing staff: Due to the current shortages of nursing staff, the ageing workforce and the COVID-19 effects, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) estimates that up to 13 million nurses will be needed by 2030 to fill the overall shortage of nursing staff. With its accurate monitoring and automation capability, the system reduces operator workload, allowing operators to focus on high value-added tasks.
  • Fall prevention: It is estimated that up to 100 thousand patient falls per year in Italy, of which up to 70% in the hospital room and more than 40% resulting from patient interaction with the bed. Targeted alerts – exit alert, predictive exit alert, and agitated patient alert – significantly reduce the risk of falls in the hospital room.
  • Automate and integrate clinical information: Today, there is a scarce presence of integrated tools that automate the tracking and recording of patient parameters. Through integration with other monitoring devices and electronic health records, Ermes Care System records a wide range of patient parameters, ensuring automatic tracking and integrated information management, improving the efficiency of care.
  • Efficient hospital resource management: The lack of tools to help with the management and allocation of the bed resource can be overcome by the Ermes Care System which provides tools to optimize the allocation of bed resources, improving the management of departments.

Key features of the system include:

  • Department management dashboard: Caregivers can simultaneously monitor the status of all beds and patients in the unit, enabling optimal resource allocation and timely intervention when needed.
  • Personalized alerts and fall prevention: Ermes Care System offers targeted alerts such as bed exit, predictive exit – which detects exit attempts before the patient actually leaves the bed – patient shake alert, siderail down alert and bed localization, helping to prevent falls and provide targeted care.
  • The agitated patient alert: based on both patient movement in bed and non-invasive vital signs collected by Lyng by Ably and compared to the National Early Warning Score (NEWS), is a key point in accurate and comprehensive monitoring of patient health.
  • Alignment with the health mission of the PNRR: Ermes Care System aligns with the objectives of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), promoting innovation and efficiency in healthcare, as well as the digitalisation of healthcare services.
  • Integration with electronic health records: Ermes Care System can be integrated with electronic health records, allowing caregivers to easily access patient information and improving consistency and efficiency in care management.

“Ermes Care System is a step forward in integrated care, promoting health and efficiency in hospital services,” said Massimo Malvestio, Strategy & Business Development Manager at Malvestio. “We are convinced of the fundamental role of technology in simplifying the lives of healthcare professionals, and in improving the quality of life of patients,” added Alessio De Gaetano, Senior Business Development Manager at Comarch Italia. 

With Ermes Care System, Malvestio and Comarch are committed to providing innovative solutions for advanced healthcare, in line with the mission of modernizing and digitizing the NRP healthcare system.

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