Healthcare Solutions in the Philippines Market: Comarch's Partnership with OneMark Engineering Technologies

In a bid to expand its reach and introduce cutting-edge European e-Health solutions in APAC markets, Comarch has forged a strategic partnership with a strong healthcare provider in the Philippines, OneMark Engineering Technologies. This collaborative effort aims to bring our innovative solutions to a wider array of customers in Southeast Asia.

The partnership agreement, inked on October 11, 2023, has been in the making for a few months and is intended by both companies as to be a long-term agreement. Through this collaboration, we are poised to showcase our e-Health innovations, including Comarch Diagnostic Point, Comarch HomeHealth 2.0, and the Comarch Optimed NXT HIS-class system, not only in the Philippines market but also beyond, connecting with new stakeholders.

Eagerly anticipating the future, we are excited about the potential implementations of our products in medical facilities, businesses, and local government units.

OneMark Engineering Technologies stands as a stalwart Filipino healthcare infrastructure company, operating in the Asian market since 2014. The company provides top-notch technical services to the medical, industrial, and commercial sectors. Their offerings encompass comprehensive consultancy, adept project management, vigilant construction supervision, meticulous maintenance, and other essential technical business processes. OneMark's expertise lies in meticulous planning and precise execution, ensuring professionalism at every stage of their work.

Together, we have the capacity to achieve remarkable feats, enhancing the operations of numerous entities. Stay tuned, as we eagerly anticipate unveiling new projects in the Asian market soon.

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