Implementing the services of the Remote Healthcare is possible thanks to the Comarch e-Care platform, which permits continuous, remote monitoring of a patient’s health. The platform medical data obtained from devices monitoring particular vital signs to be received and processed. It also supports medical staff in implementing agreed plans of action.

Who can implement the teleconsultation service?


For the medical unit
  • A broader range, thanks to the ability to offer innovative telemedical services. Ability to provide services of greater complexity without hiring additional medical staff
  • Improved efficiency of the work of medical staff. More patients can be seen at the same time
  • Primary care physicians can develop their competences, broadening medical knowledge during teleconsultations with doctors of various specializations
  • Increased profitability, due to cost-effective telemedical solutions and the outsourcing of some services
  • Improved image, increased recognizability, and prestige as a 'technological leader' on the local medical market
For the patient
  • Shorter waiting time for a visit to a specialist
  • Access to a specialist physician without the necessity to travel to another, sometimes distant, area. Saving time and money which would otherwise be necessary to cover transport costs
  • Increased feeling of security due to remote contact with a specialist, with the presence of a primary care physician who is known to the patient, understands the medical context, and knows the patient’s case history well
  • Speedier diagnosis, increasing the chance of successful treatment
For the for government unit
  • Increased uniformity of access to specialist medical advice. This is particularly important in rural areas far from major medical centers, as well as local government areas with high proportions of people of advanced age
  • Higher satisfaction among patients. Improved image and increased attractiveness of the municipality as a place to settle, resulting from securing a basic need of its inhabitants in the form of easy access to comprehensive medical care
  • Increased profitability of local government medical units, resulting from cost-effective telemedical solutions
  • Improved image and prestige as an 'innovation leader' among local governments in the region


The teleconsultation service is primarily aimed at people in rural areas, with limited access to specialist physicians. It is also designed for elderly and chronically ill people whose state of health permanently limits their freedom of movement and therefore reduces their access to generally available medical treatments and services. 

Technical infrastructure enabling teleconsultations

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