Comarch Teleholter

Comarch Teleholter

Comarch Teleholter is a system for heart rate diagnostics, connecting an advanced application for ECG signal analysis with telemedicine. It offers a Holter test (with seven or 12 leads), available at any time and in any place, for analysis and checking test status or printing a report. The solution contributes to administrative cost reduction and limits requirements for specialist staff and infrastructure, while shortening the time for test analysis to the minimum.

It is a unique solution offering services within Remote Cardiac Care

Comarch Teleholter is offered as a service with no initial costs to the client.There is no need to purchase software or hardware, or for time-consuming system implementation. The client is not liable for medical data storage as all key data with complete test records is stored on secure Comarch Healthcare servers. Access to administrative tools and analytical application is available at any time and in any place. Owing to this, doctors analyzing tests can work from home, with the final report being available immediately to staff at the medical center where the test was performed.

No hardware requirements

  • Complex administration and test analysis via the Internet
  • Access to the administration module and reports by phone or tablet
  • Use of Comarch infrastructure for test result storage and analysis

Teleholter - No hardware requirements


  • Any configuration of number of licences for doctors, devices, and medical entities covered by the system
  • Test transmission for analysis by many specialists from many medical entities (regardless of location)
  • Option of test result analysis by specialists from Centrum Medyczne iMed24 in Krakow, a partner of Comarch Healthcare.

Teleholter - Advantages - Customization

Safety and Comfort

  • Use of the system at any time and in any place
  • Archives of all tests and database with backups on Comarch Healthcare servers
  • Encrypted connections both for test transmission and analysis

Teleholter- Advantages - Safety and Comfort

Areas of use

Hospitals and outpatients departments

Medical center networks

Private doctors’ offices


Operation of Telemedical ECG Holter

telehotel scheme comarch healthcare


Comarch Teleholter is a system built with the aim of introducing a new quality in ECG Holter tests. Each phase of the test is characterized by telemedicine functions. Owing to the integration with the Comarch e-Care system, patients can be monitored during the test, with all heart rate irregularities being reported in real time to paramedics at the Remote Medical Care Center. After the test, files containing the ECG signal record are transmitted to the Comarch Healthcare server and stored in accordance with the regulations governing personal and medical data security. From then, the test is available for analysis by the doctor indicated by the medical personnel transmitting the data. The doctor can access the server hosting the advanced application for ECG signal analysis from anywhere with Internet access. In case of doubts, or if another specialist needs to be consulted, the test can be transmitted by a single click. If the clients prefer not to employ their doctors to analyze ECG tests, or need support in this area, they can request interpretation of Holter test results from specialists at Centrum Medyczne iMed24 in Krakow, a Comarch Healthcare partner. When the final test report has been approved by the analyzing doctor, the report is immediately made available to all operators (medical staff from the center where the test was performed). Because all data is stored on the Comarch Healthcare servers, each report, complete with test information, will still be available many years later.

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