The Electronic Life Card

The Electronic Life Card consists of two elements: a combined storage unit and beacon, which can hold and transmit information about the patient’s state of health, and a dedicated application for reading the data. Entering an apartment where a Life Card beacon is, the rescue worker or physician can read, on a tablet or other mobile device, all information that may help to save the patient’s life (synchronization with EDM) prior to undertaking rescue activities. 

Example of the Life Card in use:


Life Card in use



People with chronic conditions

Beacons-save life

Beacons which save life

  • How does the electronic Life Card operate?
  • How can one became a user?
  • Will older persons be able to operate it?
  • How will medical rescue workers know that the patient has a Life Card at home?

Find answers to these and other questions pertaining to the Life Card.

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