Service Inventory

Service Inventory: A System for Comprehensive Network and Telecommunications Product Management

Comarch Service Inventory facilitates the end to end management of your network and all related products from the service perspective. It is a system that can be pre-integrated with the Comarch Service Catalog, in a manner that enables you to fully describe the services and products offered via your network. In this way, Comarch Telecom Service Inventory acts in accordance not only with the TMF SID (addressing customer facing services (CFS)) model, but also with the resource facing services (RFS) one.

In addition, Comarch Telecom Service Inventory can be integrated with the Comarch Product Inventory system (integration via the northbound interface), and also with the Comarch Network Inventory module (integration via the southbound interface). In combination with these products, Comarch Telecom Service Inventory facilitates the provision of an end to end view of the entire network, along with all offered services, simplifying the management of these elements.

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Benefits of implementing a product for comprehensive network and telecom product management - Comarch Service Inventory:

Top-down and bottom-up view of the network

The top-down view lets you drill down from your services (as offered to customers) to network resources needed to deliver these services. The bottom-up view enables to identify, which services are supported by the specific network element.

Bridged gap between networks and services

Elimination of the gap between business/customer-centric view and the underlying technical infrastructure enables better control over the costs of network development and maintenance.

Time and cost savings

Enjoy a shorter time-to-market and lower costs of delivering new service to the customer – together with Comarch Service Catalog the product drives service fulfillment automation.

Optimized network planning

Comarch Service Inventory provides information about network resource-service utilization for network planning and upgrading processes.

A driver for service fulfillment automation

Use Comarch Service Inventory to store information about new services being delivered during the fulfillment process, in particular CFS / RFS instances for CFS and RFS service orders. The system provides information about existing services to enable proper execution of service orders regarding updates or termination.

Enhanced service quality management

The system performs calculations of the impact of network-related problems on customer services. It also facilitates alarm propagation and KPI/KQI calculation for service monitoring and service quality management processes.

Comarch Service Inventory

Comarch Service Inventory

See Comarch Service Inventory Product in Use. Read Customer References:

Arqiva logo
Arqiva (United Kingdom)

Support for development of next-generation smart metering services thanks to Comarch OSS & assurance products combined with Managed Services

450connect logo
450connect (Germany)

Providing a customized BSS/OSS system to the company, with exclusive assignment of the 450MHz spectrum in Germany.

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"Comarch is a reliable and flexible partner, which supports us in the complex process of OSS environment unification and migration to the Next Generation OSS concept."

Thomas Kiemle, Head of Configuration & Provisioning Systems
Telekom Deutschland, Germany

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