Service Quality Management

Service Quality Management: A System for Managing the Quality of Telco Services

Comarch Service Quality Management (SQM) transforms traditional network-centric telecom monitoring into customer-centric telecom service quality management. Telecom service quality management demands insight into customers' perceptions of service quality. With this in place, you can prioritize network performance management based on forecasts of the influence of events on customer experience, and thus deliver high-level customer service assurance. Comarch SQM enables you to become proactive in managing telecom service quality by preventing customers from experiencing service problems, thanks to trend analysis and predictive maintenance capabilities.

The digital era has raised customer expectations about the range and quality of services delivered by any company. Traditional network and customer service assurance management is no longer enough to keep your customers satisfied. Today, you need to manage service quality proactively, so that you can prevent any customer issues before they even arise.

Press Release: Service Quality Management Enables Efficient Fulfillment of Modern 5G-based Services in LG U+:

The key driver in the process was the preparation for a massive deployment of the Korean communication service provider’s 5G network. The main goals of LG U+ were to optimize internal company processes and improve the overall end-user experience...

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How Telecoms Can Become Pro-Active in Managing Customer Experience

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The benefits of implementing a telco service quality management system - Comarch Service Quality Management:

Get a holistic view of your services

Define service models and use them to monitor interdependencies between your customers, services and network.

Monitor 5G and IoT services

Efficiently monitor new digital services enabled by 5G and IoT technologies.

Use predictive maintenance for pro-active service quality management

Automatically define baselines and detect anomalies thanks to built-in machine learning algorithms.

Integrate Key Quality Indicator (KQI) with intelligent event processing

Use information about threshold-crossing events from the SQM system in end to end processing of events from different sources.

Comarch Service Quality Management – Overview

Comarch Service Quality Management – Overview

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"With their modern and innovative OSS portfolio, Comarch has repeatedly demonstrated strong and reliable business partnering with Vodafone. Comarch has provided high quality COTS products, coupled with their impeccable services to implement solutions on time and within budget, adapting swiftly to new business requirements arising during and post implementation. Considering dimensions such as: time-to-market; quality to market; customer obsession; agility; value; innovation, Comarch is a partner who invariably ticks all of the boxes."

Shane Gaffney, Director of OSS, Central Europe

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