IoT Ecosystem

IoT market is opening up new business opportunities. Enterprises should focus on whatever IoT functions they can utilize to their advantage and maximize their value, rather than on whether their organization gains from IoT adoption.

IoT is used by customers in various facets of their businesses, including data collection from remote meters, automation and control of heating equipment, car tracking and entertainment management, pet tracking, and a host of other applications. New examples emerge continuously, necessitating the help of a flexible and knowledgeable partner.

Areas of Expertise

Comarch entered the IoT market at the outset, and has continued to develop its fundamental products and services to produce a complete portfolio that will enable digital service providers to establish the strongest position possible in this demanding market. What can the Comarch IoT Ecosystem help you accomplish?

  • Use all the necessary tools and methods to generate the greatest profits with a collection of platforms, verticals, IoT gadgets, and IoT services
  • Maximize revenues as a digital service provider, thanks to IoT Connect offering connectivity management and going beyond pure connection services
  • Be one step ahead of the competition with cutting edge technologies to boost growth
  • Broaden the portfolio to more verticals; expand your product and service offers to be more appealing and effective for existing and new clients or partners

Selected clients

  • STC
  • Surnise
  • 450 Connect
    450 Connect
  • A1 Telekom Austria Group
    A1 Telekom Austria Group
  • Ditzler
  • Abnox

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IoT-driven Transformation - the Blurring Line Between the B2B and B2C
IoT-driven Transformation - the Blurring Line Between the B2B and B2C

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Comarch Telecare System

Comarch IoT Plant

Industry 4.0

Digitization of production

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Comarch IoT Plant

Internet of Production

Paving the Way for AI in IoT

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