Utilize AI Virtual Assistant solutions to improve efficiency and minimize costs

Reduce operational costs and free up employees' time to focus on more creative and challenging work. Chatbot was designed for companies of any size or industry that want to automate the messaging channel of their loyalty program contact center.


Natural Intent Recognition

Chatbot’s Natural Intent Recognition classifies the incoming contact requests based on the history of conversations. This allows the system to quickly redirect the customer to the appropriate contact agent or to automate the most common loyalty processes and frequently asked questions.

Self-service loyalty program contact center

Deploying a chatbot allows loyalty program members to go through some of the most common processes, such as enrollment and balance enquires, without needing to transfer to contact center agents. Many of your customers’ questions can be answered by chatbots even outside of regular contact center working hours, which can save your business valuable time and resources and allow your agents to provide the best service possible to customers with more complex inquiries.


Every aspect of a member’s interaction with the chatbot can be easily configured, customized, and controlled. The provided user interface allows you to create pre-defined scenarios based on your particular loyalty program, as well as to set which cases can be solved via chatbots, and which should be redirected to contact center agents.


Every loyalty program is unique, and thus every set of customers has different questions and requests. That’s why we designed the solution to allow simple customizations to tailor the chatbot to the specific business needs of a particular implementation. The chatbot can be trained based on historical data from a wide range of common instant messaging solutions.


Reduced Contact Center operational costs

Deploying a chatbot is a one-off investment that guarantees a quick return by reducing the overall operational cost of running a loyalty program contact center. Depending on a specific use case, it may reduce the staffing needs or allow for more flexible scaling as the size of the contact center operation grows.

Increased request turnover

When customers come to your platform to find answers to their questions and solutions to their problems, rarely do they want to sit on ‘hold’ or wait in a queue. Chatbots eliminate this inconvenience of ‘waiting for the next available agent,’ thereby improving key KPIs like average reaction, response and resolution times, and contact requests turnover.

Improved customer experience

Drive the customer experience by ensuring your contact centers' availability and improving the speed of processing requests. Instant messaging has become a prevalent communication channel and its popularity grows each year. As a result, this kind of communication has become more common and may positively affect your customers’ engagement with your brand.

Reduced workload for contact center agents

Introducing a chatbot means that contact center agents can focus on requests that are unusual or require special attention. With the use of our technology, the majority of recurring interactions can be fully automated.

The Science Behind the Solution

A wide variety of Natural Language Processing tools and techniques are used within the solution; in particular, the family of Natural Intent Recognition techniques, including Convolutional Neural Networks, NBSVM, LDA, Word2Vec, and more.
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