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Comarch provides comprehensive data center services embracing the provision and maintenance of complex system platforms, including hardware, software and administration.



The company's extensive portfolio comprises both basic services for businesses that do not want to invest in costly infrastructure, as well as solutions for the most demanding clients, such as Disaster Recovery Center.

All Comarch Data Center services are provided based on the latest standards and advanced architecture (Tier III and Tier IV) in different service model (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS). Comarch stores data in 15 data centers worldwide (including Chicago, Singapore, Moscow, Krakow), what enables nearshoring, one of the most desirable business models in IT outsourcing.

Data Center security


Monitoring 24/7/365 allows you to respond immediately to all emerging issues. With regular archiving and backups the data entrusted to us is safer than ever. Our certificates are the best guarantee. Comarch Data Center mans a physical, but also energetic and environmental safety.


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Safe and Secure

Data Center Services


The right data center service model translates into more effective control of costs and, therefore, increased efficiency of every investment.


  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – a comprehensive Data Center offer including advanced applications and server infrastructure, managed by our specialists. Read more >
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) – a complete hardware and system platform to support client’s applications. Comarch provides also a data recovery service in case of failure, access to the system for end users and a full package of administrative and maintenance services. Read more >
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – a ready to use platform, managed by the clients on their own. The equipment is located in a safe Comarch Data Center environment and the client is responsible for maintaining the software. Comarch offers remote hands and services related to device monitoring and, optionally, backups. Read more >


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Service models

IBM Power Services


Comarch Data Center offers a fully managed services for IBM i Power Systems, which is a secure and reliable solution for any mid or enterprise business. These services will allow your company to increase efficiency and reduce costs associated with operating your IBM i systems.


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IBM Power Services

Be secure with Disaster Recovery Center


The best way to protect yourself from the negative consequences of IT downtimes is a Disaster Recovery Center. The primary role of the DRC is to protect customers' systems from major accidents or random events in the primary server room, which make it unavailable (e.g. fire, flood).


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Disaster Recovery Center

Data Center localizations


Asia, North America and many places in different parts of Europe. No matter if the customer does business in Russia, France and Germany – we are always nearby and provide services of the highest quality. Our services are based on the concept of nearshoring – the opposite of the typical outsourcing model in which shared services centers were usually located in distant countries. Comarch customers, in addition to our experience in implementing diverse projects, appreciate geographical proximity – so we do care about constant development of our data center network.


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Achieve a new level of flexibility with data center services 


A unique feature of our solution is a flexible resource management. Comarch Data Centre is amazingly scalable. Development of infrastructure along with increasing customer needs is hassle-free and fast, because Comarch uses a platform designed to support thousands of users.


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Comarch ICT offers comprehensive data center services including transformation, systems management, hosting/colocation services, building secure and energy efficient infrastructure environments, and consolidation/optimization of existing IT infrastructure.

Comarch Data Center services helps customers increase operational efficiencies and improve IT and business agility through delivering services faster and optimizing operational expenses.

To support customers in regions throughout the world Comarch has a global network of both owned and leased data centers in Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Dresden, Krakow, Moscow, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. To meet clients trust, Comarch Data Centers are designed to set high requirements in terms of access and protection of information.  We rely on security and privacy policies based on industry-leading standards (ITILv3; PCI DSS, ISAE 3402 type I and II, etc.) that form the foundation for our services. Choosing a Comarch Data Center you gain complete transparency into the IT cost and service quality. We have developed strong partnerships with leading vendors which guarantee our services have the highest level of performance and compliance.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can use services in Comarch Data Centers?

Comarch is ready to support operation companies from both the public and private sector, large or medium. We provide all our clients with solutions that meet their needs.

2. How many data centers does Comarch use? Where can Comarch deliver Data Centre Services from?

In Comarch Data Center we process our clients’ data in one of 15 data centers in different geographical locations around the world. Comarch provide services in different models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) depending on business needs. For more information please check our map of Comarch Data Center.

3. Are you vendor neutral?

Comarch conducts an intensive policy whose aim is to be vendor neutral and build relationships with the world's leading technology partners. 

4. Is there a minimum time contract/commitment?

The shortest-term agreement can be a year. The contract duration depends on your business requirements and can be negotiated as needed. Comarch is very flexible, but we would recommend a minimum contract time of 3 years to maximize your return on investment.

5. Does Comarch own the IT infrastructure or just reselling some other providers service?

Yes, Comarch is the owner of IT Infrastructure. 

6. How often are Comarch Data Center backed up?

Once a day with the option for a higher frequency if required.

7. Does Comarch offer a “remote hands” services?

Yes, we can provide “remote hands” service on a 24/7 basis. Depending on location and agreement with clients, a team of engineers is are on-site at the facility or available to be on-site as needed. The scope of provided services depends on the agreement between client and Comarch. 

8. How secure are the Comarch’s data centers?

In Comarch Data Center, we have the following levels of security:

  • Fenced and guarded Comarch Data Center campus
  • On-site 24/7 security monitoring
  • Full electronic access control system, based on proximity cards with photo
  • Locks on colocation suites and cabinets. Card readers installed on private suites
  • Intruder detection system on escape and riser doors
  • CCTV monitoring and recording of all access points and circulation areas
  • Building front entrance
  • Data center badge access

To check how secure Comarch’s data center is, we always welcome you to visit us. 

9. Which tier levels has data centers? Are the Comarch data centers regularly audited?

All Comarch data center facilities meet at least Tier III standards and higher, which means that there are several levels of redundant capacity components built into the IT infrastructure to ensure the highest level of security. Additionally, we are regularly audited in order to maintain the highest of standards. On request clients may perform an audit itself or have it performed by a external institution.

10. With which certifications does Comarch Data Center comply?

Fulfillment of certain standards not only help us to provide customers with the best service, but also to ensure appropriate conditions of doing business for our customers. Some of the more common standards that Comarch Data Center complies with are as follow:

  • ISAE 3402 type I and IIUS
  • ISO / IEC 27001:2007 "Information Security Management Systems"
  • PCI DSS certification
  • GDPR

11. Who can access the data center? Who are the authorized personnel?

Only authorized personnel who have the appropriate credentials can access Comarch Data Centers. We can always provide you with list of our staff who have access to it.
If you can’t find the answer to your question here, or you would simply like to find out more about Comarch Data Center, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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