OSS/BSS Data Analytics

OSS/BSS Data Analytics: A Data Analysis System for Telecoms

Comarch OSS/BSS Data Analytics, with its big data analytics for telecom operators, is the solution to these challenges. It processes data gathered from the telecommunications network (which is the key customer touchpoint) in real time, combines this information with that from external systems (performance management, fault management, network inventory, CRM, etc.) and aggregates it. By correlating data from all these sources, Comarch OSS/BSS Data Analytics can produce comprehensive, real-time analysis, providing invaluable insights into customers’ perceptions of the services provided. Based on the aggregated data, the tool suggests specific actions, which can also be carried out automatically. Additionally, Comarch OSS/BSS Data Analytics supports a number of customer experience telecom analytics use cases as well as processes for big data monetization in telecoms.

Comarch OSS/BSS Data Analytics effectively helps telecoms companies improve their overall net promoter score (NPS) and customer satisfaction (CSAT) result, as it takes into account the real customer experience when using a given service provided by the network.

How can you Prevent Your Data Lake from Becoming a Swamp?

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Benefits of implementing a data analysis system in telecommunications - Comarch OSS/BSS Data Analytics:

Make your data work for you

Integrate and manage all external, heterogeneous systems and new services through the ESB-based platform without impacting those which are already running.

Improve operational efficiency of analytics processes

Set data update frequencies, define your preferred file formats and other parameters to adapt the system to your business requirements.

Improve customer satisfaction

Use the automated B2B Gateway for fast and reliable web service access to the specific functionalities of the underlying BSS platform.

Comarch Data Analytics – Selected Use Cases

Comarch Data Analytics – Selected Use Cases

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