CRM for Telecoms

CRM for Telecoms: A Tool Enabling Construction of Unique and Personalized Customer Relations

Comarch CRM for Telecoms is a user-friendly system dedicated to helping customer service representatives build unique and personalized customer relations. The power of Comarch CRM for Telecoms lies in its ability to make life easier for users. Navigating in data is streamlined for rapid and logical access. Provide superior services, respond promptly to incoming orders and inquiries, and include personalized products in your offer thanks to a complete 360-degree customer view run in real time and always in context.

Comarch CRM for Telecoms is a crucial product within Comarch BSS. Pre-integrated with other Comarch BSS/OSS components, Comarch CRM for Telecoms automates key processes in the fields of sales, marketing and customer care. The system has a user-friendly GUI with advanced tools for comprehensive support of daily sales and back-office operations based on the “one desk – full service” concept.

How to Reach the Next Level of Customer Engagement using Guided Customer Journeys

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Benefits of implementing a system for personalized service of relations with telecommunications customers - Comarch CRM for Telecoms:

Handle customer interactions comprehensively

Use one single tool to manage business processes such as Case, Lead, SLA and Contact management.

Use one tool for a holistic approach to customer management

Simplify all customer relationship processes typical for a telecom business, with a single IT product.

Improve response times

Improve response times to customer inquiries thanks to automation, easy access to data, as well as a built-in a multi-criteria search engine.

Streamline customer contact management

Register and manage customer contacts through all channels (SMS, IVR, e-mail, fax, phone, etc.) and activities (marketing, sales, support, collections, etc.).

Reach your customers with what they actually want

Use lead management to easily register and manage all sales opportunities and match the best offer to customer needs.

Let our expertise work for you

Comarch CRM for Telecoms was designed for telecom industry to support its specific business processes, and developed according to TM Forum industry standards.

Increase sales representatives' efficiency & productivity

Implement process-centric collaboration between front-lines and back offices, sales teams and marketing departments, business and technical departments to smooth daily interactions and improve results instantly.

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