CRM for Telecoms

CRM for Telecoms: A Tool For Unique and Personalized Customer Relations

One of the greatest challenges for many providers is, due to the lack of integrated systems, supporting the whole customer journey. Contract management is often in one CRM, separated from CPQ and order management systems. Delivering an initial solution design and cost estimates often requires multiple emails, manual and repeated input of data, and many calculations, which slows the entire process and quite often results in difficulties in order creation. 

Comarch CRM for Telecoms, proven among Tier 1 service providers, addresses these challenges. It provides end to end, sales process experience with a single, unified platform. The system has a user-friendly GUI with advanced tools for comprehensive support of daily sales and back-office operations based on the “one desk – full service” concept. Accurate quotes are always delivered automatically in a matter of minutes. As the quote mechanism is fully driven by the offer definition from a common product catalog, the quote becomes an agreement and facilitates seamless ordering once the negotiation process is finalized and approved. Product catalog stores products commercial and technical terms, including prices and costs, contract terms, availability and technical information. 

Comarch CRM for Telecoms (within Comarch BSS) is a user-friendly system dedicated to helping customer service representatives build unique and personalized customer relations. Navigating data is streamlined for rapid and logical access, helping you provide superior services, respond promptly to incoming orders and inquiries, and include personalized products in your offer thanks to a complete 360-degree customer view run in real time and always in context. 

Supporting TM Forum Open API

Comarch's full ODA-compliant portfolio currently has 12 APIs in accordance with Open API. The architecture of the systems and the company’s approach is already in line with Open Digital Architecture (ODA), and the organization remains motivated to continue with the certification. 

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Benefits of Comarch CRM for Telecoms:

Smooth sales processes

The sales process takes place in a single platform supported by contract management, case management,  SLA and contact management. No more re-typing of customer data or product interests. The same entities are used across the solution and enriched as the order capture process proceeds.

Personalized offers, agreements and pricing customizations

For VIP customers from the B2B segment, it’s important that offer conditions are tailored to meet requirements. That’s why fully personalized offers, enterprise-level agreements and various pricing adaptations are available. The system provides tools preventing fraud, including approval processes and customization rules.

Use one tool for a holistic approach to customer management

Simplify all customer relationship processes typical for a telecom business, with a single IT product.

Product catalog-driven quoting and ordering    

It’s now easier than ever to guarantee bid prices, as quoting and ordering use the same offers. The model-driven approach enables re-usability and innovation, and simplifies multi-tenant quotes and orders.

Improve response times

Improve response times to customer inquiries thanks to automation, easy access to data, and a built-in a multi-criteria search engine.

Increase sales representatives' efficiency and productivity

Implement process-centric collaboration between front lines and back offices, sales teams and marketing departments, business and technical departments to smooth daily interactions and improve results instantly.

Streamline customer contact management

Register and manage customer contacts through all channels (SMS, IVR, email, fax, phone, etc.) and activities (marketing, sales, support, collections, etc.).

Let our expertise work for you

Comarch CRM for Telecoms was designed for the telecom industry to support its specific business processes, and developed according to TM Forum industry standards.

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GlobalConnect (Sweden)

Delivering new common integrated customer-, product-, order- and billing solution using Comarch BSS/OSS suite for all business operations.

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Orange Ivory Coast

IT transformation agreement to deliver better digital experience to the growing base of mobile and fixed services end-customers. 

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Comprehensive BSS stack for mobile, fixed and network services

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"We were very impressed by Comarch's highly responsive and flexible attitude, as well as their coverage of our current and future needs. Telecom operators that want to stay competitive in today's market need to deliver top-notch customer experience and provide personalized, data-driven services through all touchpoints. It is also crucial to manage all operational aspects by decreasing the number of incidents, improving response rates, and increasing efficiency through automation focused on added value activities. In partnership with Comarch, we aim to complete a very sizable project that will affect and transform aspects of our BSS operations, ranging from prepaid charging and credit control to customer information management, mobile network provisioning, and trouble ticketing. Based on what we have seen so far, we are very hopeful and optimistic about the outcomes of the project."

Werner De Laet, CEO
Orange Luxembourg

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