Customer Order Management

Customer Order Management System: A Catalog-based Approach

Comarch Customer Order Management for telecom supports the process of ordering products from the customer's perspective, encompassing the verification of service availability, comprehensive order orchestration, and fulfillment until activation in the network. The system also notifies other surrounding systems of changes in customer services, such as Product Inventory (PI), Billing System (BS), or Online Charging System (OCS). The ability to process orders includes a variety of services, ranging from simple mobile services to complex fixed services, VPNs, or 5G network-based services. Orders are often enriched with elements provided by various suppliers, which is particularly important when delivering enterprise services across multiple countries.

The customer order management process is sometimes expanded to include a quotation step from suppliers, which later influences the entire ordering process and associated costs. The system is driven by the Product Catalog, and the order flow is entirely based on streamlined configuration parameters. It provides a powerful tool that does not require customization to support the aforementioned diverse services. Depending on the type of service ordered, additional steps may be triggered (such as appointment scheduling or availability checks).

The entire approach is based on the concept of omnichannel order management, supporting customers' digital journeys. At any point in the customer's journey, customer service representatives can provide them with a seamless view of their steps and system behavior. An action initiated by any channel can also be continued or tracked by other channels.

To manage orders effectively, the solution provides a set of native dashboards for monitoring and resolving issues as they arise.

Supporting TM Forum Open API

Comarch's full ODA-compliant portfolio currently has 12 APIs in accordance with Open API. The architecture of the systems and the company’s approach is already in line with Open Digital Architecture (ODA), and the organization remains motivated to continue with the certification. 

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How Standardization Can Raise Innovation and Efficiency in Telecoms

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Benefits of Comarch Customer Order Management system:

Mixed-source order processing hub

A database of customer and supplier orders that are ready to process and deliver any type of service central place for gathering customer and supplier orders that are being prepared to process any type of service.

Short time to market and opearating expenses 

Quick offers introductions thanks to catalog-based order processing.

Simplified and automated business processes

Natively defined steps performed automatically based on the Product Catalog configuration.

Standardized solution

Driven by TMF in terms of functional scope, exposing Open API to simplify integration process.

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