Comarch Achieves Gold Status for TM Forum Open API Conformance Certification

Comarch's full ODA-compliant portfolio currently has 10 APIs in accordance with Open API. The architecture of the systems and the company’s approach is already in line with Open Digital Architecture (ODA), and the organization remains motivated to continue with the certification. 

Comarch now has gold member status at TM Forum

Comarch offers a full portfolio of 10 APIs that are fully compliant with the ODA initiative standards, and which have been implemented using Open API. 

The systems' architecture and approach have been designed with ODA in mind, ensuring that products meet the highest industry standards. Additionally, Comarch understands the importance of obtaining ODA certification, and works actively towards achieving this designation. By obtaining ODA certification, the company is able to provide clients with even greater confidence in the quality and reliability of its products.

TM Forum’s Open API program is an international idea to support seamless connectivity, interoperability, and portability across services from different ecosystems. Comarch has already obtained the TM Forum certificate for its tenth API, which means that it is now officially a gold member.

TMF 642 – Alarm Management

Comarch OSS Fault Management was created to manage fault issues within operators’ hybrid physical-virtual networks, and to monitor network elements and delays. Users are able to manage potential problems quickly and in a flexible way.    

TMF 622 – Product Ordering Management

The Comarch BSS Service Product Ordering Management API is among the core Comarch BSS APIs, providing a standardized mechanism to manage customer orders. Each order is available thanks to prior configuration in the Product Catalog. 

TMF 637 – Product Inventory Management

Comarch BSS Service Product Inventory Management API supports management of product instances. It allows products to be retrieved, created and modified in the inventory easily. 

TMF 678 – Customer Bill Management

Comarch BSS Customer Bill Management API helps to find and retrieve customer bills, and lets operators find the details of billing rates presented on a customer bill.

TMF 639 – Resource Inventory Management

Comarch BSS Service Resource Management API provides a standardized mechanism which is responsible for managing resource instances. The system allows resources to be retrieved, created and modified in the inventory.

TMF655 - Change Management

Comarch OSS Service Desk is a system for managing, monitoring, and reporting business processes. It consists of three key modules: Incident Management, Problem Management and Change Management. With the help of automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the components of the systems can communicate smoothly to ensure the highest possible quality. 

TMF676 - Payment Management

Comarch BSS Suite provides modular architecture and allows it to be implemented as a single element of the BSS stack. Thanks to that, it is possible to integrate the system with external modules through TM Forum APIs. A crucial part of Comarch BSS Suite is Convergent Billing, which is responsible for payments and refunds. 

TMF621 - Trouble Ticket

The Comarch OSS Trouble Ticket Management API is part of the Comarch OSS Assurance Suite. It provides a standardized mechanism which supports managing issues with ticket data, as well as operations on those tickets, such as retrieving, creating, and modifying them. 

TMF632 - Party Management

The Comarch BSS Service Party Management API allows users to manage party data smoothly. As in the ticketing process, it enables operations such as retrieval, creation, and modification.

TMF629 - Customer Management

The Comarch BSS Service Customer Management API is dedicated to providing better control over customer data. It operates on customer resources, so retrieval, creation and modification can be carried out in a standardized mechanism.

What is an application programming interface (API)?

The purpose of using API solutions is to allow two or more components to communicate with each other through properly defined protocols. Developers are in charge of building applications based on API contracts. APIs describe what information can be shared and how it can be requested. The main purpose of APIs is to deliver solutions that allow cooperation between many compatible systems, empowering organizations to make an impact on rapidly developing industries.

Comarch among the signatories of the Open API Manifesto

In December 2020, Comarch joined the group of signatories of the Open API Manifesto, which means that it actively reinforces the commitment to the evolution of open standards. Such action should also be understood as a desire to develop interoperability in digital ecosystems using open APIs from the TM Forum. Thanks to that, Comarch is one of 124 leading technology partners involved in the manifesto. 

Comarch’s aspirations to achieve more with TM Forum

At Comarch, we believe that our dedication to ODA compliance sets us apart from our competitors, and we are committed to maintaining this high level of excellence moving forward. Our team of experts is continuously working to improve our products and services, and we look forward to providing our clients with innovative solutions that meet the highest industry standards” – says Tymoteusz Wrona, Head of Telco BU Consulting at Comarch.

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