Comarch Loyalty Management for Telecommunications

A leading-edge customer engagement
designed for telecom brands

Design and execute successful loyalty programs
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What is Comarch Loyalty & Marketing for Telecommunications?

Comarch Loyalty & Marketing is a cutting-edge, cloud-based IT platform that enables you to design and execute personalized loyalty programs and marketing campaigns to help telecoms reduce churn and increase ARPU. The platform incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning mechanisms so you can identify patterns in customer behavior and present offers that hit the spot.

The platform supports management of various loyalty programs, from those that are points-based, to programs based only on achievements and spending thresholds. The solution offers operators easy automation of multi-wave and multi-channel campaigns and personalized, targeted communication with subscribers. It is possible to deliver and deploy the solution as a stand-alone, fully functional component of a comprehensive customer experience management platform, as well as a pre-integrated part of NGOSS/CEM-class solutions and Comarch BSS Suite.

Under Managed Services, Comarch specialists support the creation of new concepts for successful loyalty programs, existing program health-checks, redesign of program mechanics and new value-added offers, digital transformation, customer journey development, and engagement strategy design to encourage your customers to interact with your brand and build stronger relationships.

Comarch Loyalty Management for Telecommunications Benefits

What are the benefits?

  • Reach your customers with relevant offers, cross-sell and up-sell promotions
  • Personalize real-time communication through various marketing channels
  • Take advantage of a fully scalable platform that grows with your business
  • Automate control of the frequency and number of marketing messages sent to customers
  • Integrate engagement to maximize customer engagementt
  • Enhance partner management significantly within a multi-partner loyalty program
  • Make it easy to join the program and use its features, via the Mobile App and Member Portal
  • Design a highly effective digital loyalty strategy in no time - no matter whether you are at the beginning of this journey or want to redesign an existing solution
  • Facilitate customer service through a dedicated Contact Center application integrated with intuitive chat and the AI-powered Chatbot
  • Gain easy access to valuable data via robust API, for complete insight into customer profiles across all touch points
  • Monitor program performance and marketing campaigns with easily accessible reports and dashboards
  • Benefit from a powerful definition process for program rules, which enables you to define even the most complicated accrual, redemption, elite tier qualification and message triggering
Comarch Loyalty Management for Telecommunications Features

System Features & Functionalities

  • Effectively manage and use customer data gathered across all touch-points
  • Develop a complete profile base concerning the behavior, communication history, lifestyles and habits of customers, and identify the most valuable program members at whom to target your marketing activities
  • Prepare an optimal target group and tiers for tailored offers, communication and reward strategy based on monthly spending, the number of RGUs (revenue generating units) purchased, events, rewards orders, duration of ongoing membership, usage patterns and detailed history of program members’ activities
  • Provide your customers with relevant offers and promotions in a timely manner to encourage increased usage and engagement
  • Benefit from high flexibility in the creation of accrual and redemption rules, as well as in the launching and controlling of sophisticated cross – and up-selling promotions
  • Define tailored and real-time promotions for every element of subscriber invoices, transactions, for any relevant customer information triggered by specific events, or for online operations
  • Build ongoing dialog with customers through various channels including email, POS, POS TV, SMS, mobile push, websites, direct mail, mobile application and call center
How to increase and manage customer engagement with the Guided User Journey approach?

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Success Story: Telecommunication Operator from South-east Asia


  • Communications conglomerate and 4G LTE network operator
  • 28.5 million mobile subscribers
  • More than 23 000 employees
  • Services: mobile telecommunication, Internet, cable TV, IPTV, broadband/fixed line business


  • Replace existing in-house platform to improve B2C customer experience and enable points exchange with different brands
  • Implementation of the Comarch Loyalty Management system divided into two stages:
    • Stage one – migration from the previous system
    • Stage two – introducing a new concept for the loyalty program
  • Full version of the system – summer 2019.


  • Implementation of Comarch Loyalty Management to manage complex business rules/offers and support omnichannel
  • Implementation of Comarch BI to deliver deep customer insight
  • System modules: Business Administration, Contact Center, Data Hub
  • Elaborate new program strategy in accordance with provided studies
  • Developing new ways to engage customers (tiering system, earn and burn approach)
  • Providing partnership strategy with partner onboarding pack
  • Developing new solutions for the mobile app

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