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Improve data efficiency with the use of modern technologies

Operating during the ongoing digital revolution, all enterprises are becoming increasingly dependent on data and the mechanisms allowing them to exchange business-relevant information with their partners (suppliers, customers, logistics operators, and service providers).

To facilitate and enhance that communication, Comarch provides innovative, cloud-based products that enable efficient document management and automation of sales/business processes taking place in the supply chain. Our products incorporate various emerging technologies such as AI/ML, blockchain, and cloud to help companies achieve better business results and reduce document handling costs.

Start using Comarch products today to gain instant & secure access to reliable data as well as improve both data efficiency and your relationships with business partners worldwide. 



Data Exchange and Document Management in the Cloud

Comarch Data Exchange & Document Management is a group of applications that was originally developed in the cloud. For Comarch, the cloud is not just another trend – It is an important part of our IT solutions. We have more than 17 years of experience in adjusting our cloud services to business needs. And what our clients need in a modern world is mobility and flexibility.

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