Making Innovation to Grow: Sammontana Chooses Comarch Master Data Management

Sammontana S.p.A. is an iconic Italian brand and leader in the production of ice cream and frozen pastries production. In addition, it is in charge of the TreMarie, Il Pasticcere, Mongelo and Bon Chef brands. Growing together with its customers, the company has constantly evolving business objectives, hence the necessity to transform its product data management.

Given the increasing number of distributors adapting the GDSN standard, Sammontana felt the need to further optimize the current process in line with modern standards, and to reduce time spent on data management.

With the introduction of the Comarch Master Data Management solution and using the GDSN and non-GDSN networks, the organization and management of Sammontana product data became faster and more efficient, ensuring the transparency and quality of all information exchanged with its commercial partners.

 Sammontana has always been one of the most experienced and reliable partners for modern distribution. With the support of Comarch, we analyzed our information needs and the needs of our business partners, and transformed them into a growth opportunity. We optimized the management of product master data at the process level, in order to better adapt to the evolution of the Italian and international market."

Davide Baldassini, IT Manager of Sammontana S.p.A

Comarch Master Data Management allowed Sammontana to optimize its internal processes through several phases:
  • Reduction of personal data management activities: the personal information present on the ERP was mapped and transformed into the standard GDSN format, then validated and transferred to customers according to the referred data model. This system reduces the manual load by 70% of the information they already have.
  • Integration between systems: the solution made it possible to integrate the digital assets related to the products, which help manage all personal information for Sammontana’s collaborators in a single platform.
  • Data exchange with suppliers: the Comarch Master Data Management portal also makes it possible to receive and manage product data from suppliers through an omnichannel solution, thus supporting the complete management of commercial partners, customers and suppliers.

 We are pleased to collaborate with a brand as well-known and appreciated as Sammontana. We are working together with the customer by putting their needs in the foreground, in order to ensure that all phases of product data exchange are more efficient. We will further evaluate the possibility of completely eliminating manual work using the new features available thanks to the solution. We were able to transform what had become obligatory in the retail sector into a growth opportunity for Sammontana ".

Francesco Novembri, Business Development Manager at Comarch

Since 1946, Sammontana has been offering its customers high quality modern products. Continuous research allows the company to use only the best raw materials and carry on traditions in true Made in Italy style.

Find out how to improve the relationship with your business partners by optimizing the alignment of product data:


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