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With the use of Comarch’s advanced IT products for managing customer loyalty and marketing, you can easily establish an active form of communication with your audience. Not only can you provide your clients with product information but you can also do that while evoking real, positive emotions. Plus, thanks to the latest technological advancements such as Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, you can finally start creating loyalty programs and marketing campaigns that meet your customers' needs and reflect your company’s personality.

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Loyalty Management

Create and manage successful loyalty programs to build stronger relations with your customers and develop a unique brand identity.

Loyalty Management for Travel

Reach more clients with a highly-effective solution for travel industry professionals. Create and manage loyalty programs focused on both individual and B2B customers.

Loyalty Cloud

A simple & affordable product for advanced loyalty management. Benefit from the major CLM system functionalities without having to go through a time-consuming implementation process.

Location-Based Services

Create an active form of communication with your clients using our standalone application (ERP extension) for in-door navigation services. Create new, previously unavailable, opportunities for improving customer experience.

Campaign Management

Design and optimize unique, customer-oriented marketing campaigns with surprising ease. Use our dedicated set of tools for campaign automation to deliver the right message to the right audience.

Business Intelligence

Collect your loyalty data and convert it into valuable information that you can use to your advantage. Take a closer look at your loyalty strategies, your customers’ buying patterns, campaign statistics, and learn how you can improve.

Loyalty Consulting

Maximize customer engagement using our advanced services, designed to help you achieve better results with your loyalty programs. Use our set of professional tools significantly increase the efficiency of your marketing operations.

Program Management Services

Comarch provides dedicated resources and works closely with you to manage company’s day-to-day operations.

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      Comarch - a global provider of advanced IT products for business automation

      Comarch is a global software house that helps large enterprises streamline their business operations throughout the entire loyalty value chain. We offer a comprehensive suite of systems and professional tools for building & managing personalized loyalty programs and creating rich customer experiences.

      Comarch has gained its global experience through our collaborations with dozens of companies operating in all industries - Retail & Consumers Goods (FMCG), telecom, finance, travel and many more - such as JetBlue Airways, Heathrow Airport, and BP.

      The offer also includes big data analytics and innovative customer engagement systems based on modern IT architecture standards as well as emerging technologies (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Blockchain).

      Frequently Asked Questions

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      • What is Comarch CRM & Marketing platform?

        Comarch CRM & Marketing platform is a comprehensive suite of IT solutions and professional services, which helps build and manage loyalty programs, create rich consumer experiences and personalized interactions across multiple touch points, automate marketing processes, analyze customer and marketing data and finally, boost profits.

        This comprehensive, modular platform consists of the following systems:

      • What types of supporting services does Comarch offer?

        Comarch's maintenance services are based on the ITIL v3 standard. Maintenance services include: incident management, event management, and change management. Service centers are located in Toronto, Chicago, Krakow, and Lviv.

        Hosting services - includes services necessary for the CRM & Marketing solutions to work stably, efficiently and reliably (server administration on the hardware level, system software administration, Disaster Recovery Center, Backup services). Comarch has its own data centers which guarantee the highest levels of safety, and business continuity. Apart from its own data centers, Comarch cooperates with partners around the world, so it can provide its services on an extensive network of data centers in Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East.

      • How much does Comarch CRM & Marketing platform cost?

        The cost of the solution and implementation depends on various factors including: complexity and number of interfaces, number of members (B2C), number of users of the system, the complexity of customization resulting from special needs of the customer. Prices are estimated based on the information provided by clients. Please contact our sales managers who can provide you an offer and prices calculated based on the information provided.

      • What languages are supported by Comarch CRM & Marketing products?

        The interface of the solutions can be adopted for all languages. The platform also supports creation of marketing messages or names of different elements in many language versions.

      • How long does it take to implement the solution?

        Typically between 6-9 months, however, this can vary based on the size/scope of the project, integrations required etc.

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