Omnichannel Marketing Applications

Provide your clients with more ways to interact with your brand and offer them first-class customer support services using just one set of tools


Omnichannel Marketing Applications

Reach, engage and support your customers via multiple channels 

Start using our AI-powered omnichannel marketing tools to
improve your B2C communication, create unique customer experiences, and drive sales growth

Loyalty Mobile App

Create a Mobile App Your Customers Will Love

Make your brand part of your customers' daily lives thanks to an application they can install on their iOS and/or Android mobile device. 

Develop an app that is both practical and visually stunning thanks to our flexible UX and UI designer which can be easily adapted to any brand book.

Launch the app in 2-3 weeks and provide your clients with personalized offers & push notifications, as well as instant access to all of their loyalty program stats and operations.

Design a Web Portal That Provides Added Value

Create a user-friendly portal for your loyalty program members where they can redeem points for rewards, check their tier status & achievements, learn about the latest offers, and use coupons.

Set up your portal in 3-4 weeks and make it visually consistent with your brand's identity. And remember — you can always ask us to customize the portal to your needs

e-Commerce With Your Loyalty Program

Connect Your e-Commerce With Your Loyalty Program

Add dedicated loyalty program frontends to your e-commerce platform to produce more customer interactions. Get your clients to sign up for your loyalty program (or your newsletter) via your virtual store and encourage them to redeem their loyalty points and coupons while they shop

And don't worry about any integrations — our omnichannel marketing tools are pre-integrated with platforms such as Magento or Shopify so that you can have the best of both worlds without making any additional effort. 

In-Store App

Give Your Sales Team an In-Store App

Create a mobile application for your brick-and-mortar sellers so they can help customers register for your loyalty program, exchange their loyalty points for rewards and discounts, and keep a record of all their transactions.

Just put a mobile device or tablet with the app installed right next to every POS machine and watch your loyalty member base grow.

Reward Your Customers

Start a Contact Center to Help Your Clients

Present your clients with a single point of contact for any concerns or queries they may have about your loyalty program.

Give your agents a tool that not only will allow them to identify any given transaction in the blink of an eye but also help them find a solution to the problem raised by your client — no matter if it concerns points redemption, rankings, coupons, promotions, or some technical issues. 

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