Mobile Sales Force

A technologically advanced SFA application for mobile sales representatives

Streamline and automate your key business processes to drive better results

What is Comarch Mobile Sales Force?

Comarch Mobile Sales Force application provides sales representatives with a dedicated set of tools designed to help them with their everyday tasks such as scheduling and preparing sales visits, carrying out in-store sales processes, creating detailed work plans, reporting visits/calls, and many more.

Available for iOS and Android, it is a technologically advanced, ready-to-use platform that gives sales managers instant access to their customers' data - and one that allows them to understand their clients' needs better.

No matter your sales channel or industry - Traditional Trade, Modern Trade, HoReCa, Pharmaceutical, Construction, or any other - if you're a sales representative, Comarch Mobile Sales Force can help you improve your efficiency and gain a competitive advantage. 

What are the key benefits?

Key features of the Comarch Mobile Sales Force Application

Knowledge Base, Customer Card and Product Card
The "Knowledge Base" feature provides instant access to one's sales and promotional materials.

A customer card allows users to review and update customer data. It also provides access to the history of cooperation with a given customer.

A product card, on the other hand, gives access to key information about products, logistics data, price lists, and product photos.
Calendar, Scheduling, and Registration of Visits

The app allows you to easily schedule and register a meeting with a customer. The layout of the visit and its elements (e.g. surveys) are defined by the business administrator on the customer's side and adjusted to a specific client work model. Visits can be differentiated in terms of parameters such as customer categorization/segmentation and sales channels.

Surveys, Tasks, Merchandising

The app provides the user with the option of completing predefined surveys and tasks. Surveys and tasks can be used, for example, for merchandising purposes as well as competition & shelf price analysis.

Plus, the app allows sales representatives to easily execute and enforce all kinds of distribution and visibility standards during a visit at the point of sale.

POS Materials, Fixed Assets, Costs

POS material management allows employees to check the presence, order and plan the installment/un-installment of POS materials (or fixed assets) defined in the system.

The application allows sales representatives to keep a record of their business expenses. Registered costs are then passed on for approval to their managers.

Orders, Receivables, and Promotions
The possibility of preparing and registering orders during a customer visit. During their submission, the sales representative can have mobile access to the inventory of available products (when SFA is integrated with Comarch Online Distribution) and prices updated in real-time (during the synchronization process) as well as customer terms of trade.

This functionality gives users the control over customer credit limit (Users can review overdue client invoices during a customer call/visit). Unpaid invoices can be settled directly in the mobile application and send their status to a financial-accounting system.

During a visit to the client, the application notifies sales representatives about current promotions. Representatives may register promotional orders and benefits connected with them.
Data Reporting

The mobile application also contains various predefined reports available for sales representatives and their managers. These include sales reports (by assortment, client, and wholesalers), marketing reports (related to surveys and tasks), route and visit completions, and sales/quality target completions.

Coaching, Messages, Targets, Absences
As a manager and supervisor, you are in control of all of the activities of sales representatives and the tasks assigned to them. The module allows you to evaluate your representatives' work, monitor their progress, and check the status of their current operations. You can also audit employee visits.

The app enables constant two-way communication between employees and managers thanks to its text messages functionality. Not to mention that it allows supervisors to assign both sales and quality targets to their representatives. All operations can be monitored via a mobile device in almost real-time.

The "absences" functionality, on the other hand, enables the registration of short- and long-term absences. Any absence notification is forwarded to an upper-level manager for further acceptance.
The app can notify the user about important events using the notification bar. It can, for example, inform them about new messages, any missing odometer information, or the GPS receiver being turned off in a device (when required).

Scope of services


Comarch Helpdesk is the 1st line of support for Comarch SFA system users. Comarch consultants provide telephone support available in 6 languages (EN, DE, PL, UA, RU, FR) - 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.


Comarch 2nd line of support provides email support (ticketing system) concerning the installation, configuration and bug fixing.


Comarch provides system users with professional training sessions. Trainings are carried out by a professional team of consultants from our Training Center.


Comarch Hosting provides a complete IT environment for applications located in one of the Data Center locations. The secure infrastructure and management services guarantee the efficient operation of business applications. Comarch Data Centers are located in Germany (Frankfurt, Dresden) , France (Lille), USA (Chicago), Poland (Cracow, Warsaw).


As part of the implementation of the Online Distribution module, Comarch offers one-time or cyclical normalization and harmonization services for data collected from distributors / wholesale outlets. Additional verification is performed by comparing electronic data with hard-copy versions of the documents.


As part of the Geomarketing service we provide application sharing geocoordinate assignment to each point of sale.

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