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Recommended Materials

Recommended Materials

  • Improving all Business Areas of the Traditional Sales Channel with one Sell-out

    Did you know that high-performing sales teams are 10.5 times more likely to experience a major positive impact on forecast accuracy when using intelligent capabilities such as measurement tools?

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  • Modernize the AP/AR process with Electronic Invoicing

    Now is more than ever, it is important to reduce unnecessary expenditures and become a leaner, more efficient organization. Transforming your AP?AR process with e-Invoicing Is an important step in reaching this goal.

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  • It's Still e-Invoicing, Only Better - An Exclusive e-Book Series

    Moving away from paper-based document exchange and going digital is just the beginning. At Comarch, we're constantly working on new, unconventional, and groundbreaking features that may as well be thought of as steps towards e-Invoicing 2.0.

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  • e-Invoicing: 4 Key Benefits U.S. Companies are Missing Out On

    In this white paper, we analyze the benefits associated with the implementation of electronic invoicing. We also examine the progress the United States is making in the standardization of e-Invoicing compared to the rest of the world and how this affects companies that want to implement e-Invoicing infrastructure.

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  • Are you ready for the e-Invoicing Revolution?

    Why is e-invoicing said to be essential for running a business today? In this series of webinars, we aim to discuss how to make necessary preparations and gain a competitive advantage using modern technologies.

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  • E-Book: Moving EDI to the Cloud

    Enabling automation of key document management processes, such a solution can help any company improve its business efficiency, reduce operational costs, and protect sensitive information effectively. So, where's the catch?

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  • Getting Ready For Exchanging e‑Invoices With Public Administration

    Paper invoices are a thing of the past. Forget about the time-consuming process of sending documents in an envelope. By today's standards, the whole procedure can be automated using the latest data exchange technologies.

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  • What does it take to synchronize product data effectively?

    In this White Paper, we take a closer look at technologies that can help companies and their trading partners synchronize product data efficiently and economically. Plus, we discuss why they should be implemented in the first place.

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  • The e-Invoicing Journey 2019-2025

    Discussing the importance of e-Invoicing for your company's growth - "Digital transformation is no longer an option - it’s imperative."

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  • How To Modernize Your EDI Effectively

    What are the key reasons for improving your EDI system? How to replace your EDI in 5 simple steps? Do new technologies (AI, Machine Learning) affect EDI? What is Modern EDI? What's the next step in the EDI evolution? What are the measurable benefits of using EDI? Does it really enhance business efficiency? Want to know the answers?

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  • PEPPOL: The Background, The Basics and The Benefits

    On April 16th, 2014, both the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union officially adopted E-Invoicing Directive 2014/55/EU, which states that all European Public Administration entities are obliged to receive and process STRUCTURED electronic invoices sent by their suppliers.

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  • Managing e-Invoicing in Complex Global Projects

    In this guide, we will examine the rise of e-invoicing, look at the disparate approaches global businesses encounter when sending e-invoices, and we will discuss the methods that businesses should use when invoicing global projects.

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  • Cloud-based hub for efficient supply chain collaboration: Comarch B2B Network

    Comarch B2B Network is a cloud-based platform with a modern technology compliance, enabling process automation at each stage of supply chain and then – sales procedure. A comprehensive approach to communication with all partners (a.o. suppliers, distributors, customers, logistics specialists or service providers) and integration with a product, commercial, logistical or financial data brings about the best results.

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  • Reliable and fast product data exchange: Comarch Master Data Management

    Comarch Master Data Management is a central catalog of products in the cloud, ensuring effective management of product data and its exchange with business partners. The solution is GS1 certified, which means it guarantees data exchange in the GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network).

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  • Data Exchange & Document Management Solutions in the Cloud

    One of the biggest challenges your business faces is the efficient exchange of information with your business partners throughout the supply chain. With the enormous growth of data and business documents in day-to-day operations, you may struggle with an effective and integrated management of information and business processes within the company.

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  • Achieve Your Business Goals Faster with Multifunctional E-Invoicing Platform

    See infographics and check out the recent research findings and learn: the current invoicing situation in the business landscape, the future of invoicing: predictions and speculation, what invoicing compliance problems are encountered, how to improve problematic invoicing compliance, why manual invoice processing equals frequent errors!

    Download Infographic
  • e-Invoicing in Germany’s top 700 companies

    Paperless office and e-invoicing in Germany’s top 700 companies. Are you interested in this study? Simply subscribe to our monthly newsletter and you'll be able to download the study.

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  • Six Key Considerations in Building Your E-invoicing Strategy

    Most organizations and departments have a mandate to continuously improve business operations. A conventional change agenda involves better tools and technology, better behaviors, and better processes, all focused on generating better efficiencies and improved productivity.

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  • Invoice Compliance In Procure‑To‑Pay Processes

    P2P systems are designed to provide you with full control and increased visibility at each step of business transactions. This report analyzes the impact of P2P systems on invoice compliance processes in global companies. What are the biggest challenges, and what can businesses do to overcome the major issues?

    Download White Paper
  • Comarch Trade Promotion Management

    Nowadays companies are focused on product innovation and building a good relationship with the consumer and the merchant to increase their chances of selling products. There is a lot to think of: promotion planning, analysis and control of marketing budget and the effectiveness of the conducted promotional campaigns.

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  • Let Us Help Your Company to Boost Results

    Issuing paper invoices takes a lot of time and can be problematic, especially with a large number of contractors. Electronic invoices are the answer, and indeed they are becoming more and more popular, even in small businesses. Handling electronic invoices automatically and significantly optimizes operations within companies, improves efficiency and reduces costs.

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  • Complete And Consistent Product Data Challenges For Retail & FMCG

    Read our white paper and learn more about: GDSN data exchange with customers around the world, intuitive interface and different data input methods, EDI/MDM: a coherent approach to electronic data interchange, data completeness according to a client’s pre-defined attributes.

    Download White Paper
  • E-Invoicing / E-Billing: Significant market transition lies ahead 2017

    The report is composed of detailed articles, case studies and valuable market data. Comarch has contributed a case study of SSP The Food Travel Experts, and an expert article on e-invoicing in synergy with B2B commerce.

    Download Report
  • Effective communication within the supply chain and complex enterprise content management

    Every company is interested in the efficient exchange of information with its business partners throughout the supply chain, as well as effective and integrated management of information and business processes within the company.

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  • Comarch Mobile Sales Force

    Comarch Mobile Sales Force Apps is an excellent, reliable, and comprehensive tool for effective management of mobile sales forces that support both modern and traditional sales channels.

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  • Comarch OmniChannel

    Comarch OmniChannel is one, coherent system that allows the handling of all sales channels. The platform is dedicated to producers who have their own sales force, as well as companies that use the second and third distribution model (i.e. through a selected distributor without the use of its own sales force or a mixed model that combines the two).

    Download Leaflet
  • Sales Force Automation for HoReCa

    In recent years, the hospitality industry, known in some countries also as HoReCa has been one of the fastest-growing market sectors in Europe and elsewhere in the world. The large scale of operations usually brings about new problems and challenges.

    Download White Paper

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