Digitizing Data Exchange in Order to Increase Business Competitiveness: Angelini Holding S.p.A Chooses Comarch EDI Platform for its Foreign Branches

Angelini Holding S.p.A, part of the industrial group of the same name, which operates mainly in the pharmaceutical and consumer goods sectors, is constantly working towards the future and seeking the best solutions in the fields of innovation and sustainability. The group, which has always used traditional communication tools with its customers and suppliers abroad, has recently launched a project to digitize document flows, with the aim of optimizing business processes. 

Angelini has embarked on the path towards complete digitization of the order cycle, which will make the exchange of document flows with its business partners more efficient for its foreign branches. The proposed goal was to make the entire management process more efficient, through:

  • Reduce costs and errors
  • Speed ​​up payments
  • Speed ​​up delivery times
  • Eliminate activities with little added value, such as data entry
  • Reset manual checks and verifications for all commercial transactions

The incoming and outgoing flows such as purchase orders, order confirmations and invoice flows will be managed in a digital format, imported and exported according to the integration methods and management formats most suitable for Angelini Holding and its customers, bringing the same benefits from the company’s original strategy back home.

With its EDI platform, Comarch has given the customer the opportunity to embark on its digital transformation path and thus become more competitive in other markets.

What is Comarch EDI?

Comarch EDI is a scalable and configurable platform that allows you to optimize data exchange processes in a reliable and timely manner. With vast knowledge of the international market and the experience of managing thousands of projects in this area, Comarch is perfectly adapted to the business processes and complexity of major players on the market.

 I am happy to collaborate with Angelini Holding, and proud that they have perceived the reliability of Comarch services. We hope for fruitful collaboration now and in the future, and that the project will also be extended to other branches of the group. This collaboration has allowed us to present to Angelini Holding an EDI solution that will cover present and future needs comprehensively. Together with Angelini we have chosen the right integration methods for the company, which will allow perfect management of fully digital flows. The in-depth contextual analysis carried out contributed to a relationship of trust and mutual respect between Comarch and Angelini Holding."

Francesco Novembri, Business Development Manager at Comarch

Founded in Ancona in 1919 by Francesco Angelini, the Angelini group today represents a solid and articulated industrial brand that employs about 5,700 people. A growth-focused investment strategy, constant commitment to research and development, and in-depth knowledge of its markets and business sectors make Angelini one of the Italian companies excelling in the sectors in which it operates.

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