Comarch Reporting Module

A multifunctional web application for sales/marketing managers and their partners 

Make every decision count thanks to detailed sales reports and dynamic business communication

What is Comarch Reporting Module?

Comarch Reporting Module is a robust communication and reporting platform for sales & marketing managers, analysts, and business partners. Designed as a secure web application, it enables highly advanced analysis of sales processes based on information collected from manufacturers' systems and data obtained from business partners. 

It allows users to define purchase/sales targets and address them to business partners, thus improving the sales activity of those partners. Plus, being enhanced with many additional features, it can also be used for communicating with business partners or placing online orders.

What are the benefits?

Key features of Comarch Reporting Module

Reporting is performed through predefined, intuitive dashboards. For more advanced analysis, the user can get access to dedicated pivot tables and charts (based OLAP cubes). The range of reports available for the user is defined by the system administrator through the proper assignment of roles and rights. Reports can be exported to many different formats (including MS Excel), subscribed to, and shared with other users.
The Manager’s dashboard is an area used for sharing key performance indicators (KPIs) and messages defined in the system with other users.
Optional reporting sales data on Google Maps. Based on multilevel reports, all data is presented according to regions, or any other analytical category, including specific clients, custom shopping carts, or particular sales areas.
An OLAP Fast Grid module is available for advanced business analysts who need quick and easy access to large volumes of data. It provides required tables and charts directly from OLAP cubes. Reports can be exported to MS Excel files, shared with other users and presented as a dashboard.
The messaging module is an area where dynamic business communication takes place in the system; where key information is published and shared with other users (including business partners).
This feature allows business partners (distributors/stores) to place orders that are compliant with the producer's standards such as logistic minimum, product mix, promotional products. Orders are transferred directly (EDI technology) to the producer or logistic center. The system also supports other document exchange processes (invoices, claims, packaging notes).
A catalog of products providing access to product cards that contain key product information, logistic data, and pictures.

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Scope of services


Comarch Helpdesk is the 1st line of support for Comarch SFA system users. Comarch consultants provide telephone support available in 6 languages (EN, DE, PL, UA, RU, FR) - 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.


Comarch 2nd line of support provides email support (ticketing system) concerning the installation, configuration and bug fixing.


Comarch provides system users with professional training sessions. Trainings are carried out by a professional team of consultants from our Training Center.


Comarch Hosting provides a complete IT environment for applications located in one of the Data Center locations. The secure infrastructure and management services guarantee the efficient operation of business applications. Comarch Data Centers are located in Germany (Frankfurt, Dresden) , France (Lille), USA (Chicago), Poland (Cracow, Warsaw).


As part of the implementation of the Online Distribution module, Comarch offers one-time or cyclical normalization and harmonization services for data collected from distributors / wholesale outlets. Additional verification is performed by comparing electronic data with hard-copy versions of the documents.


As part of the Geomarketing service we provide application sharing geocoordinate assignment to each point of sale.

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