MAN Truck & Bus Implementing Global EDI Project With Comarch

Munich, April 26, 2021 – MAN Truck & Bus chose Comarch as global service provider for digitizing outgoing invoices. Headquartered in Munich (Germany), MAN is part of the Volkswagen Group and has at its disposal an international network of production plants. The EDI project is being managed centrally and local customer managers are involved in its implementation.

The implementation of Comarch EDI is to harmonize and centralize services previously rendered by several different providers. Comarch was primarily chosen for its capacity to ensure compliance with the numerous different national laws regulating the electronic exchange of data in general and of invoice data both on a business and technical level.

In the course of the project, various types of partners are being on-boarded to the EDI system and connected with MAN. It was therefore particularly important that Comarch be able to implement all technical interfaces and document formats on demand - whether in their default versions or customized. With the help of Comarch EDI, MAN has been able to make daily operations easier and to significantly reduce the administrative effort connected.

 Comarch has fulfilled MAN’s high quality requirements in every aspect and has impressed us with its flexible, scalable document exchange solution Comarch EDI as well as with its project team’s extensive technical know-how and legal expertise. With Comarch as a partner, realizing our global project successfully and swiftly is possible as our own project success has proven,” says Lena Paul, senior manager at MAN.

Another key aspect of the project are the high security standards required by the MAN Truck & Bus SE, or rather by the German Association of the Automotive Industry, that Comarch is able to fulfill.

The early stages of the project already brought the first major success: Comarch was able to come up with a solution for integrating a special type of VAT levied on used car parts in the German e-invoicing standard XRechnung. The solution originally proposed by KoSIT (the developers of XRechnung) for dealing with said tax had been found to contradict their very own validation rules, resulting in all electronic invoices containing the VAT being rejected by Germany’s central e-invoicing platforms. In order to enable MAN to indicate the tax correctly while remaining compliant with the authorities’ validation rules, Comarch’s project team developed a new workaround for this industry-specific case.

About MAN Truck & Bus SE

MAN Truck & Bus is one of Europe’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers and transport solution providers with an annual revenue of around eleven billion euros (2019). The company’s product portfolio includes vans, trucks, buses/coaches as well as diesel and gas engines and services related to passenger and cargo transport. Headquartered in Munich (Germany), MAN Truck & Bus is part of the TRATON SE.

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