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Loyalty Program Management System




One of the main challenges for customer-oriented enterprises is to create a strong bond between customers and the brand.



For more than 15 years, Comarch has been providing its clients with cutting-edge IT solutions for comprehensive management of customer loyalty programscustomer relations and support for marketing activities. With best-in-class loyalty software - Comarch Loyalty Management system you can create and execute unique customer engagement programs, effectively manage memberships and rewards, interact with customers across multiple channels and track loyalty system performance.

Comarch Loyalty Management offers all the tools needed in order to build a successful loyalty program(or coalition loyalty program), created for both individual and business customers. To maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, program participants can easily be engaged through the personalized contextual offers and promotion actions such as: lotteries, special auctions, coupons or benefits for the best customers. Loyalty program management is easier with innovative tools.

Comarch Loyalty Management Software- infographic


Key system functionalities of the Comarch Loyalty Management solution include: 

  • Full management of customer data & behavioral information
  • Detailed transaction history 
  • Social media data capture
  • Multidimensional & dynamic segment/tier creation 
  • Multiple account hierarchy (individual & household accounts)
  • Merging accounts
  • Multiple ID support (plastic card, virtual card, NFC, key fob, invoices)
  • Comprehensive support of customer enrollment
  • Member preferences management
  • Selected benefits
  • Creation of different types of points
  • Points transfer to other account 
  • Points  purchase
  • Points refund on returned products or services
  • Multiple rules of points expiration
  • Manual adjustment
  • Multi-currency (currency conversion)
  • Points prolongation
  • Reinstatement of expired points
  • Robust promotion designer 
  • Single or multi-partner promotions
  • Multiple promotion benefits as a result of one transaction
  • Automatic initiation of promotions related to specific events
  • Ability to set different priority rules  for promotions
  • Creating & grouping business rules 
  • Geolocation-based offers
  • Promotion calendar with a complete view of all active promotions 
  • Qualification & downgrade rules for membership tiers
  • Various coupon types (paper and digital)
  • Mass or personalized messages via email/text message/ POS/mobile application/website 
  • Real-time messages with personalized content
  • Sending surveys and collecting answers saved as new customer attributes 
  • Notifications on mobile application for geo-located push or pull offers 
  • Content publication on Facebook fan page
  • Enhanced smart message editors for email, text message and POS channels
  • Messages printed on a customer's receipt
  • Multi-language message versions
  • Import content prepared by marketing agencies
  • Customized website for specific segments/tiers
  • Access to central repository for all digital media
  • Claim management within Contact Center module
  • Various types of rewards (discounts, gifts, cash-back, giveaways, vouchers, partners’ products/services)
  • Various types of reward schemes & logistics management 
  • Reward catalogue accessible from all devices and in stores 
  • Benefits tailored to specific customers not available for others
  • Flexible reward price plans: “points only”, “points plus money” – different for each channel
  • Suggested (“related”) rewards 
  • Multiple redemption channels: POS, Call Center, Customer Web Portal, mobile application, partner sites, home delivery
  • Points donation/transfer
  • Auctions & instant win lotteries
  • Cancellation of redemption transactions
  • Point Loans
  • Selectable Benefits


  • Real-time access to profile data, points balance and transactions’ details 
  • Set up personal contact preferences: channels and promotion types 
  • Opt‐in/out to geo-located offers and shopping quests
  • Reward redemption & orders in a most convenient way and scheme for customers
  • Interactive surveys available via all channels with extra points/bonuses for their completion
  • Personal program statistics & progress bars of loyalty program activity 
  • ”Member-gets-member”
  • Rating products/rewards/services and  sharing opinions in social media
  • Check-ins on Facebook wall
  • Store locator accessible from member portal and mobile app.
  • In-store Application for tablets dedicated for cashiers in retail outlets
  • Selectable benefits
  • Register child account
  • Travel companions
  • Nominate other members for elite tiers
  • Dedicated module for program partners with  relevant  data  and  tools
  • Points issuance & redemption rules
  • Locations & products configuration 
  • Partner  requests  –  messages  sent  by  partners  to  the program  operator
  • Partners billing configuration
  • Defining points value 
  • Data  Hub  –  quick and easy integration of new partners, reduced time and costs of new integrations
  • Predefined reports assigned to partners
  • Partner email notifications


  • Real-time/batch processing of all transactions
  • Products, stores definition and management
  • Automatic mechanism of user and member fraud prevention & detection 
  • Black-lists administration
  • Quick access to audit info  on every level of system operation
  • Built-in contextual help mechanism
  • Multi-language interface
  • Real-time access to program KPIs displayed on iPad for executives 
  • Constant monitoring of members’ activity on dashboards for day-to-day operators
  • Standard and ad hoc report creation of report templates
  • Alarms & notifications (email or text message) of reports availability
  • Different formats of report generation: PDF, XLS, RTF and CSV
  • Run multiple loyalty programs on a single loyalty platform
  • Multiple brands owned by one holding
  • Different proposition for countries or regions
  • Data separation
  • Common and/or separate program configuration
  • More cost-effective solution in terms of hardware and 3rd party software
  • Lower system support costs
  • Loyalty program for corporates (B2B) run in parallel with program for individuals (B2C) on the same loyalty platform
  • Management of company structure with subsidiaries
  • Dedicated Corporate Contact Center application and Company Portal
  • Diverse customer roles within a company

Comarch Loyalty Management Mobile Application

Loyalty Goes Mobile

The popularity of smartphones and the number of downloaded mobile applications is rising. Mobile devices and mobile loyalty solutions help with everyday shopping and influence customer purchase habits. The benefits of mobile solutions are also appreciated by loyalty program operators. In response to the current needs and market trends, Comarch created a new solution - Comarch Loyalty Management Mobile Application - that allows users to enrich their loyalty program or customer retention program, reach customers, and influence their behavior anywhere, anytime with a most innovative technology Beacon. This is how loyalty software meets mobile marketing.



Gamify Your Loyalty Program

Gamification is a great way to strengthen customer loyalty and engagement, as well as introduce a social aspect to loyalty programs that traditionally haven't had any inherently community-based features. Engage program members by using Beacon technology through posing challenges in return for particular benefits! Gamification is more than advanced loyalty software, it’s an innovative solution for innovative enterprise. Earn new satisfied customers and remember – customer loyalty management has never been more exciting. 


Loyalty solutions benefits for the program operator

Benefits for the program operator

  • Robust program rule definition - includes a built-in Promo Designer, which enables non-tech savvy business users to define even the most complex rules
  • Real-time experience - instant accrual and redemption of points/miles, as well as coupon issuing and marketing communication through messages printed on the receipt or delivered via the Mobile Application
  • Increased customer spend, decreased program costs, and complexity
  • Integrated micro-location technology - Comarch Beacon - new richer consumer experiences and more accurate offer targeting 
  • Embedded gamification solution - maximizing customer engagement and strong advantage over your competitors
  • Partnership management – strong capabilities in managing partners within the airline coalition or multi-partner loyalty programs
  • Loyalty marketing-oriented analytical tool with interactive dashboards and KPIs  - complete real-time insight on the condition of a loyalty program and social engagement

Loyalty solutions benefits for program members

Benefits for program members

  • Relevant nearby offers at the right time and place
  • Real-time point issuing and quick redemption
  • Participation in a tailored loyalty scheme with unique, personalized offers and rewards
  • Faster point earning, thanks to various marketing offers and events such as lotteries, auctions, and multi-partner deals
  • More privileges and benefits for top program members
  • Real- time access to loyalty accounts via mobile app or member portal
  • Track progress of your own activity within the program
  • Quick claims resolution thanks to a dedicated customer service tool

Our Clients

Modern customer loyalty management - start your journey with Comarch

Customer loyalty software is now more powerful than it has ever been. With multiple options on the market, choice can be difficult but it is crucial for future loyalty program management. Customers are also becoming more and more demanding. It is a challenge but also an enormous opportunity.

Loyalty systems are constantly changing. Do not get left behind. You can reach out your customers with various loyalty solutions and modern loyalty software. Use the power of emotions and discover what a modern customer loyalty program should look like. Advanced IT solutions are at your fingertips.

Customer retention program? Coalition loyalty program? Gamification? Non-standard solution? We are here to help you. See our global portfolio and start working with real IT experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Comarch Loyalty Management (CLM)?

Comarch Loyalty Management is a system that enables the management of different sized loyalty programs, in both multi-partner and stand-alone modes. Comarch’s IT platform provides the ability to reward loyalty program members based on revenue, points, miles, discounts, coupons or cash-back - calculated in real time or batches. Comarch Loyalty Management supports all areas of loyalty programs, creating smooth operations and enabling operators to effectively collect, manage and leverage customer data gathered across all touch points, whilst providing customers with relevant offers and promotions in a timely manner to encourage increased sales and engagement.

With Comarch’s innovative and robust Promo Designer, marketers can easily define tailored and real-time promotions for every element of a transaction, triggered by specific events or social activities. The system allows users to build ongoing dialogues with customers through channels, including email, POS, SMS, social media, mobile apps or call centers. Thanks to valuable easy-to-access reports and dashboards, programs operators can constantly monitor program performance.

2. Is Comarch Loyalty Management modular?

Yes, Comarch Loyalty Management is a modular system composed of several interfaces with selected functionalities required for defined users’ groups. The platform can collect data from different sources, process them based on configured business rules and distribute the information across other modules via various communication channels at a given moment.

CLM is composed of several interfaces with selected functionalities required for defined users’ groups:

  • Business Administration (BA) – core module, provides all of the administrative functions needed for program and system configuration, as well as operational maintenance. Dedicated for system administrators and business users.
  • Contact Center (CC) – designed to streamline CRM activities, manage customer accounts and communications with program members. Dedicated for Contact Center agents.
  • Member Portal (MP) – a web portal dedicated for program members. The portal is based on the CMS framework that enables fast and easy customization for content and the look & feel.
  • Business to Partner (B2P) – a web portal dedicated for program partners.
  • Data Hub – a tool responsible for streamlining file exchange processes. It allows users to quickly and easily integrate new partners, reducing the time and cost of new integrations.

Additionally, Comarch Loyalty Management offers two mobile applications:

  • A mobile application for members that runs on Android or iOS. As an additional communication channel, it is designed to entertain and assist members in their daily lives. Thanks to geo-location offers, it helps to boost the customer experience.
  • An in-store application running on a tablet device and dedicated to cashiers in retail outlets (possibly also other service points) that are part of the loyalty program but not integrated with the program through the POS terminal. Cashiers are equipped with a tablet device that has an installed in-store application. The application allows for accrual, redemption and quick enrollment to the program and all actions performed at the till.

3. Which loyalty program models can Comarch Loyalty Management software support?

CLM supports the following loyalty program models:

  • Stand-alone programs
  • Multi-partner and coalition programs
  • Frequent Flyer Programs (FFP)
  • Employees incentive programs
  • Individual (B2C) and Corporate (B2B) programs

Loyalty program models

4. How are corporate (B2B) programs organized in CLM?

The CLM allows a special loyalty account type dedicated for companies to be configured, this is then a basis to build loyalty programs dedicated for corporates. It is possible to configure a hierarchy including the main (parent) company and its subsidiaries. The CLM is also able to store the list of company employees which is managed (browsed/added/removed/modified) through the Contact Center application or CLM’s API.

Loyalty account

Although the point balance is always stored on the loyalty account level, for corporate subsidiaries, it is possible to set up the loyalty accounts’ behavior in two ways:

  • Shared balance - representation of the individual customer program household functionality (balance stored on the main account level).
  • Individual balance - standalone loyalty account with a single company under it.

A loyalty program for corporates (B2B) can run in parallel with programs for individuals (B2C) on the same loyalty platform.

5. How does the solution handle household accounts?

There are supported household accounts, where points are cumulated on a common balance. When a member decides to leave the household account, the points that have been contributed by them to the household balance can either stay on the household account or move to the members individual account. CLM supports both scenarios, and the program operator decides which one should be applied.

There are several implemented processes related to Households, like:

  • Management of Household roles and related restrictions
  • Invitations management
  • Joining the Household account
  • Leaving the Household account

6. How well can the platform manage tiers?

The CLM allows multiple ‘Recognition schemes’ to be defined within a single loyalty program, these are groups of elite tiers that are ordered within the scheme. Schemes are completely separate from each other, including the list of tiers with its:

  • Qualification criteria
  • Benefit period
  • List of available benefits

Loyalty platform tiers

The CLM offers a mechanism which allows a varied set of rules to be configured that can grant elite tiers. Basic rules can qualify a customer for an elite tier after they have collected a certain number of qualifying points and/or collected a required amount of loyalty activities e.g. flown flight segments. Elite tiers can be also granted manually by agents using the Contact Center application.

The time period of validity for an elite tier is configurable and by default lasts from the moment of achieving it until the configured expiration date (the end of the benefit period) which may also be configured using various options.

The soft-landing option can be configured so that customers are only downgraded one tier down. It is also possible to specify how long (in months) the benefit period will last after the downgrade.

7. How effective is the CLM multi-channel communication with program members?

The system offers mechanisms to send messages via different channels including e-mail, SMS, mobile push notifications and social media which can be sent based on various messaging triggers including marketing actions, events, transaction processing, periodic communication, etc.

Message templates can be prepared and ‘ready to use’ patterns can be sent to customers. Different language versions are supported as well as variables referencing customer data. The system replaces variables and evaluates expressions in the message subject and its body.

Loyalty management communication

In order to collect automatic feedback on email campaigns, the system offers tracking options including hard/soft bounces, openings and clicks. All sent messages are stored and monitored, allowing for a review of the customer’s communication history.

8. What reward types are offered by the platform?

The CLM allows for simple and comprehensive management of different types of loyalty rewards, including:

  • Physical rewards - goods from the standard product offer, or specially prepared promotional articles from a loyalty reward catalog.
  • Instant rewards - determining a reward that should be automatically delivered to a program member after collecting a specific amount of points.
  • Services - offers from the operator or a partner such as carwashes and monthly cable TV subscription, or offers from a third-party provider, including recharging a mobile pre-paid card.
  • Discounts on transactions - these “POS-supported” rewards can be simple money-value discounts or percentage discounts.
  • Coupons/Vouchers - e.g. tickets for events or discount coupons.
  • Point conversion – from the customer account into other loyalty program points or simply transferred to a partner.
  • Benefits - list of possible awards e.g. associated with reaching a tier level. The customer may select which one they would like.
  • Loyalty auctions - the system can define the following auction offerings: items from the reward catalog as an alternative buying option, special rewards which are not available in reward catalog, charity, services.
  • Lottery rewards - points or goods won in the loyalty lotteries.
  • Ticket rewards - airline tickets for the member or for any other person
  • Cabin class upgrade rewards - ticket upgrade to higher class (e.g. from Economy to Business)
  • SSRs - additional services to the airline ticket, e.g. extra meal, more leg room.