Create personalized customer experiences, influence consumer behavior, reward your clients & analyze member data using just one tool


Loyalty Management

Everything you need to
build, run, and manage loyalty programs

Get our AI-powered loyalty management software that
will help you drive customer retention, increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and boost your profits

Build, run, and manage loyalty programs

Collect and Utilize Zero & First-Party Data

Collect and Utilize
Zero & First-Party Data

Get our loyalty management system to collect client information from all of your sales & marketing channels automatically and then use that data to build promotions & offers — as well as an entire loyalty program — that your customers will love. 

Once your program goes live, analyze member data with our built-in AI models, identify hidden patterns in your clients' behavior, and provide them with the right message at the right time & place. 

Create Hyper-Personalized
Promotions & Offers

Use the Promotion Engine to shape customers' perception of your brand and use AI to guide them to their next buying decision.  

Define various types of promotions (incl. points, discounts, coupons, and product giveaways) based on virtually any activity across any channel – be it purchase, online review, or app download.

Don’t worry if you're not a loyalty expert. All you need to do is make use of our predefined templates and follow the AI system recommendations provided by the platform to catch your customers' attention.  


Spice it up with

Get your customers to take part in exciting games and competitions where they challenge themselves and learn more about your brand and its values.

Add badges, progress bars and leaderboards to create a fun and exciting environment where members can compete for special prizes and extra points.

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Reward Your Customers

Your Customers

Recognize your clients for their engagement in your brand by presenting them with monetary, experiential (e.g. free shipping or access to special content/events), and emotional rewards

With our platforms’ built-in recommendations model, you can easily increase the redemption & engagement rate of your program members.

Find the perfect gifts in our extensive rewards catalog pre-integrated with various 3-rd party e-commerce platforms, and stop worrying about the delivery.

Give your clients the opportunity to support charities and local organizations with the rewards or loyalty points they gained. 

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Tier Loyalty System

Design a Tier System
Unique to Your Brand

Motivate loyalty program members to increase their spending, use your app more often, and collect more loyalty points by providing them with extra perks and benefits every time they reach a new level of engagement. 

Notify your clients about the unique & time-limited prizes that are further down their membership road and give them access to their account data so they can keep track of their progress.

Build like-minded communities with dedicated Member Clubs, invitation-only VIP groups, and paid subscriptions.

In-House & Third-Party Integration

No code and API-Centric; Comarch Loyalty Platform is a flexible and modular system built to easily blend in any IT ecosystem with existing MarTech solutions.

Connected with hundreds of systems powering loyalty programs across the globe via a combination of pre-integrations and custom builds.

Loyalty Platform Integrations

Scale Loyalty to your needs

Use it no matter
the scale of your business

Define your goals and then use a wide range of out-of-the-box features to reach them — if you need something more, ask us to customize our tools or create dedicated components.

Build as big a loyalty program as you want — 1.000, 100.000, 100.000.000 members... the sky is the limit — and be sure it all works like clockwork.

Don't Worry
About the Security

Our loyalty management software has all it takes to help you protect your assets, as well as your reputation. 

Data Protection

Be sure that your program members' data is kept secure at all times thanks to security protocols, certifications, regular penetration testing, and advanced features such as multi-factor authentication.

Loyalty Fraud Detection

Have our AI/ML-powered technology quickly identify anomalies in your customers' behavior and prevent fraudulent activities before they make any damage to your business.


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