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About Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines is the national airline of Vietnam and the most important Southeast Asian carrier. The airline was founded in 1993. It currently operates a fleet of about 100 planes and serves over 20 million passengers a year. Nearly 6,500 people work for the airline itself, while the entire group employs over 21,000 people. In addition, the airline uses its loyalty program, Lotusmiles, which has more than 5 million members and is still growing. The decision to expand was therefore a very logical one, and was preceded by an intensive search for the right business partner.

In 2015, we traveled to different parts of the world and talked to people in the loyalty world to get their advice. Some of our loyalty partners and other airlines recommended that with the size of Vietnam Airlines, as a loyalty program platform provider we should use Comarch. – said Tran Thi Thu Hien, Deputy Director of Lotusmiles, Vietnam Airlines.

VNA in Numbers


Operating a fleet of about
100 planes.

The loyalty program Lotusmiles serves over
5 million passengers.

Serves over 20 million passengers
every year.

VNA Loyalty program platform – Comarch finds its way into aviation

Frequent Flyer Programs have been an integral part of loyalty programs in the airline industry for decades. The "for Travel Edition" is an extended version of the Comarch Loyalty Management system, tailored to the specific needs of this business. It enables quick response to various scenarios and puts a strong emphasis on security and operational stability. CLM enables large-scale operations, serving multi-million companies that continuously serve a large customer base.

Recognizing the need for such a solution, Vietnam Airlines has been using the For Travel Edition of Comarch Loyalty Management since May 2021. According to Tran Thi Thu Hien, Deputy Director of Lotusmiles at Vietnam Airlines, working with Comarch has proven to be an excellent choice. She emphasizes, that:

  • The CLM system is very agile, allowing VNA to configure different parameters in the program to meet its business needs.
  • Comarch provided assistance in implementing key features for the VNA
  • The VNA team can easily integrate the system into their work and become familiar with its functionalities.

An omnichannel loyalty program by design

Comarch's choice –Comarch Loyalty Management for Travel Edition (CLM 5)

At the time, Vietnam Airlines had already been using the Lotusmiles loyalty program. It was necessary to find a solution that would seamlessly integrate with it. Comarch's loyalty solution was tailored in close collaboration with the airline and its key stakeholders, who identified their main challenges and areas for improvement. This allowed for a comprehensive understanding of their specific needs and the development of a solution that would meet these requirements.

Based on the holistic analysis of Vietnam Airlines, Comarch developed and delivered a customized Loyalty Platform for Vietnam Airlines that addresses the airline's specific needs and requirements while also providing a foundation for ongoing innovation and growth – explains Jan Svorobvic, Director of Business Development at Comarch Thailand.

Customer Engagement Platform

The Comarch solution is very carefully and clearly designed for us. The system is incredibly user-friendly. It's very easy to configure and use.

Tran Minh Hung, IT Manager, Vietnam Airlines

Daily Support: CLM in Service of a Business That Never Stops

Specialized businesses require specialized solutions. Aviation is an extraordinary industry that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. At any given moment, thousands of passengers are in the air. Thousands more are planning their routes for business trips or family reunions. As a result, reliability and constant availability are essential in this industry.

As Tran Minh Hung, IT Manager at Vietnam Airlines, points out, Comarch seamlessly adapts to the specific needs of this industry: We have different time zones, but implementation and migration are always on time.

Comarch is not only a vendor, but also a business partner, helping Vietnam Airlines to grow and innovate. CLM supports every stage of interaction with the customer, increasing their loyalty and helping VNA achieve better financial results.

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