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What is Comarch Loyalty Management for Airports?

Providing innovation with flying colors

Today's airports can be much more than just centers of public transportation. They can be modern, highly interactive spaces where passengers buy high-quality products, enjoy fine cuisine, share their ideas, and make new contacts. They can be more than a means of getting from point A to point B. They can be starting points for life-changing journeys.  

To help airports become such places, we provide them with Comarch Loyalty Management (CLM) - a comprehensive, technologically advanced system that allows you to create and realize successful, user-oriented programs in no time. Supporting both B2C and B2B operators, CLM incorporates AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) mechanisms so you could identify individual patterns in your customers' behavior and provide offers that are perfectly in line with their preferences.

Building strong relationships with passengers has never been easier – see it for yourself.

What are the benefits?

Key functionalities of Comarch Loyalty Management for Airports

Full Customer Insight
The system provides full customer data and sales statistics analysis to make sure you are always up-to-date with the performance of your loyalty programs.

Not only does it give you quick access to your history of transactions, but it also allows you to easily create, manage, or merge membership accounts.

CLM supports multiple ID classes (plastic cards, virtual cards), plus, it enables you to organize your customer data efficiently using a simple & intuitive interface.
Flexible Currency Management
Since many of the large enterprises run their business processes on a global scale, CLM was designed to allow for quick currency conversion.

It enables you to create many different types of loyalty points, and then it facilitates the purchasing process on the user’s side. You can as easily use CLM to transfer points to another account or make a refund, if necessary.
Facilitated Loyalty Program Customization

By using our CLM system, you will decide what the rules for marketing activities and loyalty programs are. Our product will help you set your business priorities and create personalized offers based on geolocation.

You will also have access to the Promotions Calendar which provides a complete overview of all of your active programs and campaigns. You can use it to set automatic initiation of your programs if that’s what you need at the time. The system is flexible and fully adaptive to your requirements.

Omnichannel Customer Interaction

CLM allows you to stay in contact with your customers at every level of their loyalty program participation. Use it to create mass or individual messages (E-mail/SMS/POS/mobile app/website) informing the members about your current product offers and services

Also, send surveys to collect feedback so you could constantly improve the quality of your loyalty programs. We offer enhanced smart message editors that will help you write engaging content and create many different versions in multiple languages.

Intuitive Rewards Management
Comarch’s CLM system enables you to come up with various types of rewards that you can give to your most involved customers. Those include discounts, cash-backs, giveaways, vouchers. 

The system is a simple yet powerful platform that functions as an extensive reward catalog with many schemes and patterns to choose from. Create personalized reward offers that will encourage your audience to become even more involved.
Complete Partner Data Oversight
We know that large enterprises are always in contact with their loyalty program partners and that sometimes results in making necessary adjustments to meet their expectations. That is why CLM also serves as a dedicated module for providing your partners with relevant data and tools in no time.

Using the CLM, you will have access to your partner’s billing configuration as well as the Data Hub - a tool responsible for streamlining the data file exchange processes. It allows users to quickly and easily integrate new partners - reducing time and costs of new integrations.
Advanced Administration & Reporting
If you’re looking for a solution that will guarantee real-time processing of all of your loyalty transactions, that solution is CLM. The system can definitely serve as an extensive database for your products and stores involved.

Not only is CLM enabled with autonomous fraud detection & prevention mechanisms, but it is also designed to support black-lists administration. Plus, it ensures constant monitoring of loyalty program members’ activity. Any kind of anomalies will be instantly reported to you via alarms & notifications.
Robust Multitenancy
Comarch’s CLM solution allows you to run and host multiple B2B and B2C loyalty programs via a single platform. It enables you to give access to loyalty programs to any authorized parties in a split of a second.

Using CLM, you can set various loyalty program proportions for different countries or regions. It is the most cost-effective solution in terms of hardware and 3rd party software that significantly lowers the cost of system maintenance.
Personalized Offers
CLM's Offer Personalization feature, based on advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, allows users to identify their customers' shopping patterns for they could later prepare offers and product recommendations that meet their clients' personal needs. 

It was designed to let you experiment with various product categories and marketing scenarios so that, in the end, you could provide offers that are most likely to hit the spot. Plus, it also enables you to calculate the Customer Lifetime Value as well as determine what's the best time for presenting clients with your products and services.
Loyalty Fraud Detection

The Loyalty Fraud Detection functionality utilizes the latest Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning techniques so you could easily identify non-typical patterns in your loyalty program members’ behavior (accrual and redemption transactions, collecting points, account registrations, and more) in order to prevent any financial drawbacks from happening.

By implementing this feature, you will be instantly reported about any out-of-the-ordinary incident and, as a result, you and your team will be able to react in no time to any potential loyalty fraud cases - before they will cause any damage

See how loyalty works

Why do passengers use loyalty programs?

The answer is quite simple - the more engaged passengers become, the more benefits they receive. Customers can spend their loyalty points to get discounts on a parking space, credible currency exchange, as well as gifts and vouchers. That, on the other hand, results in them being more willing to use your airport in the future

Why should your airport adopt loyalty management technology?

The technology allows you to analyze your passengers' behavior and realize complex, omnichannel marketing operations based on personalized content. As a result, you can improve interactions with millions of travelers across the entire airport to increase customer engagement and build brand awareness successfully.

Why passengers love airport loyalty programs?

The power of mobile

We make collecting points easy for all travelers. Thanks to a technologically advanced, intuitive mobile application your passengers can access their loyalty accounts and be informed of the offers that match their personal needs. 

The application, powered by the latest Comarch technologies, includes embedded gamification mechanics and micro-location-based offers to help you maximize customer engagement.

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CLM Mobile App for Airports

Comarch Beacon - more personalized customer experience

Using Comarch Loyalty Management Mobile App combined with our brand new micro-location technology - Comarch Beacon - opens up new opportunities for improving customer journeys thanks to personalized content.

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Comarch Beacon

It's time to gamify customer journeys

Waiting for a flight can be extremely boring, but it doesn't have to be. Comarch Customer Engagement gives you a chance to provide passengers with game-based experiences across the entire airport. Incorporate an advanced system of challenges, leaderboards, and badges to get your customers to compete with each other for the best rewards.

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