Comarch Extends Collaboration with Old Mutual to launch a Customer Loyalty Programme in Namibia

Comarch, a global provider of advanced IT systems and services, has partnered with Old Mutual, a Premier Pan African financial services company, to launch the Old Mutual Rewards loyalty program in Namibia, following their successful collaboration on a similar ongoing program in South Africa.

Old Mutual Rewards is a free rewards program that lets you earn points for completing financial wellness activities like financial assessments, using online education savings or debt repayment calculators, and completing education modules on Moneyversity. It’s the very first open-to-all, including non-Old Mutual customers, a rewards program in Southern Africa.  

As Old Mutual embarks on this transformative journey in Namibia, the “Old Mutual Rewards” program aims to achieve two pivotal goals:

1.     Expanding into New Territories: and providing integrated financial services to their customers, with financial wellness at the heart of this by rewarding positive financial behavior. 

2.     Scaling Success: Building on the success of the loyalty business model in South Africa, Old Mutual and Comarch are poised to replicate and adapt this proven model in Namibia., demonstrating the robustness of the Comarch Loyalty Marketing platform’s multi-country capabilities. 

The decision to select Comarch as the driving force behind this loyalty revolution stems from the companies’ years-long collaboration and Old Mutual’s unwavering commitment to innovation and technological excellence. The Comarch Loyalty Marketing platform delivers a suite of features that perfectly align with Old Mutual’s vision: Comarch empowers Old Mutual to streamline operations, elevate business agility, and seamlessly integrate loyalty initiatives into their core operations.

The Member Portal provides a user-friendly gateway for customers to access personalized rewards incentives and engage with Old Mutual’s offerings in a meaningful way.

Celebrating its 5th anniversary in South Africa, the Old Mutual Rewards program has an impressive 2TB customer database and over 2 million loyalty members in South Africa. The decision to extend into Namibia was a natural progression due to Old Mutual’s developed business and customer base, which made Namibia a natural choice for Old Mutual Rewards outside of South Africa says Brett Cameron, Head of Old Mutual Rewards.

Comarch Project Manager Marek Hadaś remarked, “Country borders are no limitation for the Comarch Loyalty Marketing platform. CLM demonstrates its aptitude as the perfect platform for the overseas expansion of the loyalty program, offering more and more members loyalty benefits in Africa. Through productive and fruitful cooperation between the Comarch and Old Mutual teams, the first step toward building the Old Mutual Pan-Africa Loyalty Program has been successfully accomplished”.

About Old Mutual

Established in Cape Town in 1845, Old Mutual has evolved from a pioneering mutual life insurance company into a trailblazing financial institution operating in 14 countries across Africa and Asia. With over 30,000 employees, Old Mutual continues to empower customers by enabling their lifelong financial aspirations.

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