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An advanced reporting & communication platform for manufacturers

Improve your partnerships with wholesalers and retailers across the entire distribution network

What is Comarch Online Distribution?

Improving the route-to-market approach with modern technologies
It frequently happens that a manufacturer does not have access to information collected by wholesalers, distributors, and retail networks they work with. That's mostly caused by technological limitations - to be able to process and analyze its partners' data efficiently, the company needs the right IT tools.

That's why we deliver Comarch Online Distribution - a constantly developed, modern reporting and communication platform that allows manufacturers to measure sales performance across the entire distribution network and monitor inventories at each branch.

Helping companies make better business decisions, it automatically creates detailed stock and sales reports using data collected from your distributors' sales systems. Then, it sends all the information, provided in the form of electronic messages, to the central database where it is mapped, harmonized, and verified by certified Comarch consultants to produce the best results. 

By integrating our system with your partners' ERP solutions, you will have instant access to an expansive database updated daily. The result? You will never be short of business-relevant information and have a much greater chance to gain a real competitive advantage. 

What are the benefits?

Improved performance across the entire distribution network

Identify outlets with higher potential to increase your sales. Analyze total category shares to increase your earnings potential. Optimize your sales organization and speed up your order-to-cash processes with automatic reporting of sales activities.

Automatic, daily reporting of business-relevant data

Gain instant access to up-to-date and high quality data about the current and historical sales of your products to be able to better respond to all market changes and follow the latest trends.

Real-time monitoring preventing out-of-stocks and overstocks

Receive online notifications from all partners that are part of your network to optimize product distribution processes with ease and upgrade your production & logistics planning.

The key features of Comarch Online Distribution

Data Quality Management

Our primary goal is to make sure that all of your data processed by Comarch Online Distribution is consistent with information managed by distributors' sales systems. The data collected from your business partners' is automatically compared with their paper equivalents to ensure its high quality. 

The purpose of this verification is to check the integrity of gathered data and identify both the payers and places of delivery (on the basis of external sources such as zip code database, etc.).

Data Mapping and Deduplication

Comarch Online Distribution was designed to provide you with technologically advanced functionalities, giving you full control over data management processes.

Data mapping
enables pairing your data with patterns generated on the basis of sales information provided by your business partners - wholesalers, retailers, and distributors. Thanks to this functionality, you can quickly resolve any information discrepancy to ensure the best quality of data. It also allows you to build stronger, trust-based relationships with all your partners. Data deduplication, however, is about eliminating all repeating records in the database.

To make it work faster and reduce the number of possible errors, data mapping is driven by our Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning technology. Plus, given that all changes in the database must be accepted by certified Comarch consultants, you can be sure that the data is consistent, correct and that you can make settlements on their basis with both your business partners and your own sales team.

The end result? Clear access to a central database of products and outlets updated almost in real time. No compromise on data quality!

Daily Sell-out (Depletion) Data and Inventory Data Reporting
All the data collected from distributors/retailers is processed, completed, and unified, and then reported to a manufacturer. The available reporting options are:
  • Comarch Reporting Module
  • Database replication
Category Reporting

Collect, analyze, and compare your sales results in accordance with one of the selected categories:

  • Reporting using the categories selected by a manufacturer - carry out detailed analyses of market share within a selected range

  • Reporting without specifying a product name and competition's brand - determine which business areas you need to improve to achieve better results

  • Total Category Reporting - compare your sales results with your competitors' market performance

Integration With Other Comarch Systems (TPM, SFA, Reporting Module)

Comarch Online Distribution can be easily integrated with other systems. The facilitated information flow allows each user to monitor the completion of KPIs (e.g., target sell-out, target sell-in):

  • Comarch Mobile Sales Force - a robust application for sales representatives (available on different system platforms, in many different languages). It guarantees better business results by providing instant access to customer data, the history of cooperation, dedicated offers, orders, and receivables. Learn more

  • Comarch Reporting Module - designed for sales managers, marketing teams, and business analytics, it enables comprehensive communication, reporting, and automation of sales processes. Providing you with instant access to current sales and stock reports, it gives you information about the realization of target sell-outs & target sell-ins. Learn more

  • Comarch Trade Promotion Management - an award-winning, advanced application for managing your company's budget and promotional campaigns. It allows you to plan, measure and evaluate the effectiveness of all commercial activities, analyze your marketing strategies, and use historical data to develop new methods of increasing sales. Learn more

Combine it with the power of EDI

Thanks to the integration of Comarch Online Distribution with our modern EDI platform, you can be fully convinced that the quality of data collected from your business partners, as well as optimization of all supply chain processes,  will improve significantly.

Our EDI and Online Distribution platforms provide manufacturers with the opportunity to achieve better results across all sales channels, build stronger relations with retailers, distributors, and wholesalers that they partner with, and enhance their business strategies to address market needs effectively. 


Enabling synergy with EDI

Join the companies who are already using Comarch Online Distribution!

"Our choice of an IT solution that guarantees information on re-sale from distributors to retail and current warehouse stock has been preceded by a thorough analysis of our needs, confronted with the technical possibilities the market offers.”

"It allowed us to commercially “isolate” sales representatives from warehouses so that our representatives could provide customers with a wider range of distributors, products and a better offer.”

"The decision of using the Comarch solution was not purely based on the quality of sales and inventory data they provide. We were looking for a reliable partner; a company that not only has the knowledge, but also vast experience. Comarch has it all."

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Comprehensive management of the process of integration and communication with business partners carried out by Comarch specialists in accordance with the assumed schedule.


Comarch’s multi-lingual, highly experienced Service Desk team provides practical support while maintaining the highest quality of standards.


Experienced managers are being assigned to specific projects so they could supervise every stage of the implementation process - the initiation, preparation, execution, and finalization - and make sure that the end configuration meets your company's needs.

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