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About Technicolor

Technicolor, a global producer of high-quality electronic equipment for the Media & Entertainment sector, is at the forefront of digital innovation. Technicolor’s operations are based on three segments namely Technology, Entertainment Services, and Connected Home. Technicolor has been contributing to the development of video technologies and services for one hundred years. The company now occupies leading positions worldwide in the supply of digital production, postproduction and distribution solutions and services for a variety of content creators, Pay-TV operators and network service providers. By solving real problems and addressing industry challenges in its operating businesses, the Group builds relevant innovation.

Business Challenges

The scale of Technicolor’s international operations resulted in the need to manage large volumes of procure-to-pay processes for which optimization in below areas is expected:

  • Automate registration of incoming financial documents
  • Process tracking
  • Compromised reporting and KPI measurement,
  • Integration with ERP solutions
  • Adjustment of workflow to business processes
  • Flexibility in the workflow

Thus, the main goal of Comarch e-Invoicing implementation was to structure the end-to-end accounts payable process while providing desired automation and user-friendliness. Moreover, Technicolor required robust workflows to exactly reflect their business processes and to eliminate unnecessary emails and phone calls.

The Implemented Product

Comarch e-Invoicing solution allowed Technicolor to redesign, streamline and automate the processing of financial documents. This implementation was bundled with the Global Accounts Payable process unification and therefore Comarch’s role was to work closely with Technicolor to build a comprehensive and flexible solution. In order to fulfill the client’s needs, Comarch deployed a proprietary SaaS product and provided consulting and development services during the project implementation phase. 

Comarch e-Invoicing solution enables or facilitates the following processes: 

  • Capturing incoming invoices from all channels (paper, PDF sent by e-mail and EDI)
  • Automated data extraction (OCR) and validation
  • Workflow of cost assignment
  • Verification and acceptance
  • Invoice archiving in an electronic repository
  • Two direction, manageable synchronisation of data with nine enterprise resource planning systems (ERP)

The Results

After a successful implementation, Technicolor achieved crucial objectives set out at the very beginning of the project. Users of Comarch’s solution within Technicolor are benefiting from a variety of features and in their opinion the most important of these are:

  • High automation rate
  • Flexibility of workflow adjustment
  • Integration possibilities
  • System usability
  • Single sign-on functionality
  • Delivery model (SaaS)

Comarch e-Invoicing is not only a convenient and efficient system for Technicolor and its employees (end users) but it also impacts their business results. According to Technicolor, the cooperation with Comarch has resulted in a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Process quality improvement
  • Shortening the invoice approval process
  • Auditable and streamlined processes
  • Centralization of all AP invoices into one place,
  • Self service functionality: all users have access to the status of their invoices
  • Improved relations with suppliers

More About The Implemented Product

Comarch e-Invoicing

An innovative and cost-efficient solution for better control of the entire invoice management process. It decreases the workload associated with manual processing, accelerates the acceptance of documents, and collects data entered at every stage of the process.

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Implementation process

According to Technicolor, the main factors in Comarch being selected above the competition in a detailed RFP process was the flexibility of the solution and the numerous references provided by existing clients.

It took less than five months to design and implement a global solution that was initially deployed across two business entities. Then within another three months the system was successfully introduced in all 34 business entities. Overall the project took 10 months from beginning to end. The project was a particular challenge due to the complex structure and global nature of the companies within the Technicolor parent group. Thanks to the flexibility of Comarch’s solution it was possible to integrate it within two working days.

Remarks from Technicolor

Prior to the implementation of the Comarch solution, a lot of time and manual effort was put into document registration and processing. The cost assignment and approval required a lot of e-mail communication making it hard to track and manage processes and progress. The lack of integration with the ERP system meant that data from approved invoices needed to be registered manually and it might have impact on their accuracy. Now, after the Comarch project we are equipped with a comprehensive solution which allows us to process our documents with promptness and remarkable flexibility. As a technological company, we appreciate real IT professionals. Comarch is certainly one to recommend."

Olivier Labelle

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