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    • Optimization – Enhance efficiency and agility through streamlined ICT management.
    • Cost Reduction – Leverage our expertise with flexible payment models to achieve cost-efficient IT transformation.
    • IT Consolidation – Standardize heterogenous infrastructure seamlessly.
    • IT Consulting – Benefit from Comarch (or top IT) experts’ insights to assess and enhance your current IT infrastructure.
    • Data Security & Disaster Recovery – Safeguard your data against cyber threats with the help of our secure hosting locations at global data centers.
    • Cloud Transformation – Seamlessly migrate to the cloud to unlock new growth and innovation solutions while reducing on-premise infrastructure. Choose between private, public, hybrid, or any other Cloud provider to drive business performance.
    • Colocation – Gain control and customization options for your IT infrastructure by hosting it off-premise, near your physical office.
    • Managed hosting – Experience hands-free IT management. Let us handle the technical details and hardware while you focus on core business operations.

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    • Expertise and Innovation: Ensure your digital success with Comarch’s years of expertise and innovative solutions.
    • Tailored Solutions: Our approach is all about you – the solutions are perfectly tailored to meet your unique needs.
    • Extensive Industry Experience: Our experience in managed IT services across diverse industries and locations sets us apart.
    • Support for Niche Technologies: Unlike many other vendors, Comarch supports niche technologies, consistently exceeding your expectations.
    • Best-in-Class SLAs: Benefit from our Service Level Agreements for both software and hardware, ensuring seamless operations.
    • Data Protection: Your data is our utmost concern as an ICT service provider; we’re dedicated to safeguarding what matters most to you.

    Experience IT services like never before with Comarch Specialists by your side.

    Elevate Your IT Experience Across Various Industries

    • Industrial Manufacturing

      Comarch offers a comprehensive range of IT solutions, including Cloud and Enterprise (dedicated) options, to support manufacturers in effectively managing their core operations and achieving scalable and efficient infrastructure. This way we can ensure seamless ICT services for the industrial manufacturing sector.

    • Oil and Gas

      Our ICT products and services play a crucial role in enhancing efficiency, safety, and sustainability in the oil and gas industry. IT services for oil and gas businesses enable them to manage their downstream sales operations more effectively, make data-driven decisions, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

    • Automotive

      For automotive companies, maintaining a highly available infrastructure is paramount, given the potential detrimental effects of delays on critical processes. Our company specializes in tailored ICT solutions for the automotive industry. Our implementations seamlessly integrate into ongoing production, ensuring uninterrupted operations and optimal efficiency.

    • TSL – Transport, Shipping & Logistics

      Similar to the automotive sector, the TSL industry demands high availability. Our ICT services for logistics guarantee exceptional monthly uptime, enabling businesses to avoid costly delays and penalties while maintaining seamless operations.

    • Retail

      The unavailability of IT services in the retail sector translate into financial losses for companies. Comarch’s managed infrastructure guarantees 24/7 availability and elevates customer care standards. 

    • Finance & Banking

      A well-managed data center is crucial in the finance industry. Our ICT solutions for banking ensure state-of-the-art, regulatory-compliant security while driving innovation.

    • Insurance

      Reliable IT infrastructure for the insurance industry is crucial. Comarch, as a leading ICT solutions provider, ensures a steadfast IT foundation for insurance businesses, guaranteeing 24/7 availability and fortifying business continuity. This reliability leads to enhanced competitiveness and superior service delivery, vital in the insurance sector.

    • Healthcare

      We also specialize in providing tailored ICT services for the healthcare sector. The healthcare industry demands precision, security, and reliability. Comarch ICT solutions bolster healthcare institutions with robust IT infrastructure, ensuring data integrity, confidentiality, and uninterrupted access to critical medical information. Our services enhance efficiency and facilitate superior patient care.

    • Public Procurement Sector

      In addition to serving various industries such as retail, automotive, and healthcare, our ICT solutions cater to the unique needs of the Government Procurement Sector, ensuring seamless operations and optimal performance.

    • Other Industry Solutions

      Comarch ICT solutions are tailor-made to propel your business forward, regardless of the industry. We have collaborated with companies in various sectors, including construction, telecommunications, hospitality, tourism, and many others.

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      Our extensive collection of certificates serves as a testimony to the fortification of customer data, safeguarding financial intricacies, and maintaining the integrity of databases. These certifications are in alignment with industry standards, with prominent examples including:

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